How I Lost A $2.5 Million Jet To MrBeast

How I Lost A $2.5 Million Jet To MrBeast

Mr Beast hurt my feelings.
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37 Responses

  1. 🌺queeniecats🌺 says:

    The NDL have reached Mr beast

  2. LazarBeam says:

    I will never forget our journey together. Also sorry for saying your name wrong the entire time hahaha

  3. Miranda Cecilia says:

    Niko is honestly so kind hearted, you can tell how much he wanted it. Gutted when he lost, but he did amazing with amazing intentions. we love you Niko!

  4. Patterrz says:

    The speed at which this was made after the Mr Beast video is insane, perfect taking advantage of the moment

  5. Affan Hadi says:

    It’s great to see Niko giving these small creators a chance

  6. Eragon says:

    It’s honestly inspirational and truly commendable that he’s helping out all these small YouTubers, all the while giving them the chance of a lifetime. Niko is truly generous.

  7. RonenGG says:

    I was screaming in my room “NOOOO” and I was punching my bed when I saw you drop the ball Niko!!
    Keep up the good work <3

  8. m says:

    Love the new friendship with lazar and niko, the duo we didn’t expect but not at all complaining

  9. LOVERED says:

    The fact niko even showed up to a mr beast video is inspirational . It shows how much he really cares for small youtubers like mr beast , so generous of niko honestly .

  10. Come Fast to take glimpse of my body says:

    I really love the content, we appreciate the work you put up for us to watch for entertainment

    • Username on👉👉 telegram @OmilanaNiko says:

      Thanks for watching and commenting on my videos 🎉 you have been selected as the winner 🎉 of my giveaway 🎁

      Let’s chat on Telegram 📥

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