How I Met My Cute Wife

How I Met My Cute Wife

First name wife. Last name cutie.
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56 Responses

  1. It's Alex Clark says:

    Everyone that clicks like on this video may attend the honey moon ?

  2. Diego Lucano says:

    The only animated vlog channel who has reoccurring characters. Solid 200.

  3. Slavic Stan Thanos Fish says:

    When your fiancé makes a entire video script and has you read it

  4. Yashraj sonker says:

    Alex Clark The YouTube god of cliffhangers!

  5. yeet mcyeet says:

    Awww this is so heart warming

  6. TJ Toons says:

    *I’m going to Alex’s honey moon guys cya*

  7. fluffy cloud says:

    I knew it cliff hanger once again just so he coul make another video XD that’s probably what I would do to XD

  8. Not Nikkoi says:

    *To Be Continued*

  9. Shinning Sparkles says:

    ” *Babysitter* has left the chat”

  10. fgregerfeaxcwfeffece says:

    Ok, now you have to make a “return to castle – Alex Clark”-tour

  11. K4S51 [Dan] says:

    WAIT are you saying you didn’t get her with the hm hm chicken.

  12. TheCoffeeCup says:

    So Arial was a 20/10?

  13. M V-PlAyEr says:

    So wait is Pam your wife ??? I am so confused

  14. KarateKitty 5000 says:

    7:05 that statement describes my teenage love life perfectly

  15. Ainsley Illium says:

    *I just couldn’t stop laughing!!!! I am sorry!!!! But it’s hilarious!!!* ????????
    Edit: I swear I’ll kill you for ending that story so sudden….????????????

  16. Pixi Drawz says:

    “Awake and ready for cake”

    This is the content I like

  17. Marios Rouggeris says:

    In 14 years : “Kids , this is a story of how i met your mother !”

  18. Conner Sheahan says:

    1 like = 1 R.I.P. in the chat for the red head girl

  19. Grace Frances! says:

    *I’m going to Alex Clark’s Honeymoon. I’m so excited. Cya guys soon. Not like anyone cares ? BYE FELICIA*

  20. Max Schmidt says:

    I have red hair and …

    green eyes ?

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