How I SAVED Eugene WITHOUT CHEATS in Choo Choo Charles

How I SAVED Eugene WITHOUT CHEATS in Choo Choo Charles

I was inspired by an excellent video from @HorrorScoped to save Eugene within the limits of the game. It was a grueling, painful experience. SO MUCH FUN, more choo choo charles challenges to come.

HorrorScoped’s video:

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Music in this video:
Jubilation – Jules Gaia
Deltarune OST – Almost to the Guys
Wash Rinse Repeat – OTE
For the Love of Sounds
Bonnie’s Lullaby – FNAF 3 minigame
Something from pizza sim lol
Charwee’s day out – Bugsnax

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42 Responses

  1. taraluna01 says:

    If the developer creates an extra cutscene if you save Eugene, that would make him an absolute GOAT.

    • Mallk238 says:

      It’d be especially fun if he added a cutscene in for accomplishing this while changing nothing else about how the game plays. you literally have to play the game so incorrectly that there’s no way for your average player to do this. Maybe slap a very big “This is not canon. Eugene dies always and forever” at the very end.

    • DJ Febrezee says:

      @Dead Iron I think one franchise in particular could take notes from this 👁

    • James Lewis says:

      @Dead Iron who said it had to be canon though 🤔

    • the great sage says:

      @Dead Ironits the worst thing to do period (changing your ideas because people keep asking about it) the only time u should change it is when u want to and if it is important advice from people and makes it actually better and u like the idea

    • Dead Iron says:

      I don´t think he is annoyed, it’s just that if you are a creator, the worst thing you can do is to keep changing the lore of your game according to your fanbase.

  2. chapman lee says:

    Eugene is now EVEN BETTER than most npcs, just all in all a wholesome character. PLUS, the voice acting is 𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓯𝓮𝓬𝓽
    no comment needed.

  3. RockyDoesStuff says:

    My personal favorite Eugene quotes:

    “Yeah baby!”
    “We’re coming for you, Charles!”
    “It’s him, it’s him!”
    “Light him up, light him up!”
    “Careful, don’t let the gun overheat!”
    “He’s not taking enough damage; get some head shots!”

  4. SnufflySpy says:

    Spiff always finds the most interesting unintended challenges

  5. outspaced says:

    the inevitability of charles crawling his way out of the void is undeniably badass

    • Khajé says:

      Easily my favorite thing about this. Even the cheese that banishes him to the dark lands beneath cannot contain him for very long.

  6. JorgYT says:

    Eugene feels like that cool uncle who always buys you the best Christmas presents, and lets you eat as much candy as you want whenever your parents aren’t looking.

  7. The man says:

    In this timeline, Eugene gets the credit for killing Charles and you are happy that he is well and appreciated

  8. Driftys says:

    Eugene is the greatest npc in gaming, because he can actually run

    i come back from school and 2.6k people agree with me. Good to know other people aren’t insane

  9. Filindo YT says:

    an open world horror game like this is so cool and not really scary, so saving eugene should be an option

  10. The Neko Katze says:

    The fact that now every perma-agro is considered “giga” no matter what game they’re from is fantastic

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