How I survived middle school mean girls

How I survived middle school mean girls







ASSISTANT ANIMATORS: Bella, Delaney, Laddi

▶ ToonBoom Harmony Premium – to animate
▶ Adobe Photoshop CC – background art / thumbnail
▶ Cintiq 16 Pro – screen tablet (but I recommend basic cheap pen tablets from Wacom)
▶ Adobe Premiere CC – to edit and compile


– I’m sorry, I’m not available to do lines for videos anymore; I’ve gotten really busy 🙁

– I am NOT looking for animation or video help! I appreciate your kindness. I’m not in a place where I need to hire people, not even for free.

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42 Responses

  1. Nisa Rojas says:

    There is a woman who once told her friend “don’t let your hurt childhood self make your grown up decisions”. And those are words to live by

  2. Kichi Poppi says:

    I can relate to this. I honestly think that telling a kid to “just ignore it” when it comes to bullying is not just bad advice, it’s PSYCHOLOGICALLY DAMAGING advice. I got told for 3 years straight through primary (I’m British) school to “just ignore it” and thanks to the teachers’ incompetence, I stopped going to adults for help and I still struggle to ask for help even as a young adult for things that aren’t related to bullying.
    Edit: I also suffer with severe social anxiety and can’t walk in a room full of people without thinking I’m going to get mentally hurt.

    • _aki.flakes_ says:

      THIS!! They always say it stops when you stop reacting. Like ms teacher all that did is give me social anxiety and make them think their behaviour was okay.
      It also didnt help how when I exploded at the bullies after enduring them for so long, I was the one who got in trouble. They never got in trouble. Up your game, schools.

    • John Joe Woods says:

      @_aki.flakes_ this vid makes me more motivated to become a great teacher when I’m older I’m 16 btw

    • Lana del Rey needs to release her unreleased songs says:

      What is with British schools and bullying-

    • Turtle King says:

      I’m just Dyslexic and if you don’t know what that means I just can’t read and write like normal i’ve also been bullied for the way I learn and the way I dress in the way I look. this world is a horrible place no one can escape it (edit. The only way I got back at them was I had kept a diary and every time they would do something to me that just hurt me so bad I would write it down and at the end of the school year add the last month of school I gave that diary to my principal and I said do you know how many things I have been through and you never stopped and help this is why people are bullying people are broken down into pieces they are scared to talk their story that’s pretty sad and I’m 12. (at the time))

    • Florence Pelletier says:

      me too, exceppeted that I couldnt ignore it because of my anger issue, so they said to ignore it… but my brain freaked out and I hurted the guy. Didnt want that but still it does..

  3. Morgan Lee says:

    You should be especially proud of this video. I was not bullied as a kid and I never understood how useless “just ignoring it” actually is. I am so grateful that you shared your story. As someone who is probably going to pursue a career in education, I am determined to be better.

  4. Ash says:

    The adults who say “just ignore it” are really saying “I don’t care, I can’t be bothered to deal with it.” And leave a poor child wondering why they’re being targeted. I was never bullied, but my old friend was, and he was the kindest person you could ever know. Luckily, he still embraces himself to this day, and I know not every bullied kid can be like that. My mom always taught me to fight fire with fire, stand up for yourself. And I have to say, I agree. Never let anybody hurt you for absolutely no reason. Let them know that they can’t bother you.

    • christopher Levitt says:

      Yea the ignoring thing never works trust me, you either need to tell a teacher or take matters into your own hands

    • TheTvtedShow says:

      @christopher Levitt yup it was always faster just to deal with it yourself and risk the suspension

    • The Ramdom Channel says:

      sadly, this is what worked for me. After years being bullied and told to just ignore it, the one thing that worked was fighting back.
      We shouldn’t have to put ourselves to their level, but sometimes it is necesary. Some of them only understand when you speack their languaje

    • Oliver L. says:

      @RICO PARADISE don’t care.

  5. Kelsey Animated says:

    this whole video got my blood BOILING 😤😤 LEMME GRAB MY GAT

  6. Circus Yeet says:

    Telling kids to “just ignore it” is like telling a little girl “he’s just flirting with you” when a boy hits her or pulls her hair. It just teaches kids that being bullied is fine and they should just live with it. Words can’t describe how much I hate people who say shit like that. Like they’re grown adults, they should know better.

    • EMULATED says:

      1 why does it have to be a boy fucking assaulting a girl

    • Sawyer Kettler says:

      there was this one girl who pull my hair and saw my clothes with a plastic knife and people said she was just flirting with.

    • Zhao says:

      @EMULATED its an example so people have an easier time understanding also when your young some parents say oh he like you just doesn’t know how to express it

  7. Minecraft Matthew says:

    I love how people would rather leave things as they are to not “break the status quo” even when there are laws being broken and constant and long harassment and bullying.

  8. Emirichu says:

    i wish we were friends in 6th grade bc 6th grade me wouldve ABSOLUTELY thrown hands oh my god ??
    middle schoolers are the worst im so sorry (and it looks like the teachers arent any better)

  9. Scyrina says:

    All of I’m so damn sorry. Secretly, I’m really hoping you will send this to your old school or even drop the schools name, so they truly feel addressed (I know that’s not right, so nevermind).

    Sometimes I’m truly thinking about writing an in-depth letter to my old school about all the things they fuked up and how it affected me afterwards. The way you are dealing with all of this is truly amazing.
    I once talked with the trust-teacher (idk the english name, basically a teacher you can tell everything) about a few fuked up things, and he instructed me to not be allowed to say anybody’s name during the talk and as I accidentally dropped their name (I wasn’t prepared to actually not be allowed to say their name, I literally was so sorry about that I started crying because I broke his only rule) he was really mad and talked about how nice that student was. Really made me question everything and perception of reality. I truly made myself believe I was just misinterpreting all these psychological damaging behaviors towards me (at least not physical), nowadays, I know better. But hey! At least that’s the time when I started animating with 13, so there is that! :>

  10. iPettyNote says:

    Oh my God the things that you went through bruh. So sorry that happened to you and no one should EVER be bullied! I never really enjoyed Secondary School myself cuz the “popular girls” loved to pick on me for whatever reason. I used to talk to myself to cool down since the teachers or my parents never really helped in those sort of situations and kids in my class would laugh at me because of it and even called me by the r slur and the n word several times.

    I went to my guidance counselor but they didn’t do shit either. One time I was even heading to the School bathrooms and out of nowhere a girl (I’ll name her Ava) stole my bag and threw it in a bin in front of everyone and ran away. A girl even went as far as to injure her finger by slamming her locker door shut and told the principal that I pushed her when all I did was grab her arm telling her to stop. She even got surgery and when we had an assembly, I had to apologize to the entire School for something I didn’t do and I became a laughing stock for that entire year.

    One guy thought it would be hilarious to pull one of my braids out and pretend it was a snake. The teacher didn’t do anything about it and just told me to “keep my belongings” like wtf!? I still cry about these things sometimes cuz it affected me so much as a teenager. I even remember getting sexually harassed at a party and a bunch of guys called me ugly or told me it’s because I looked like a slut. I was literally wearing ripped jeans and a hoodie! They started calling me flat throughout my 2nd and 3rd year and it has bothered me ever since. They even went as far as to harass my siblings as soon as they found out who they were. I had to step in and pushed the girls aside but that only made matters worse and so I got beaten up badly and even got a 3 day suspension. So this video was totally relatable to me and it just goes to show that School sucks and bullying can lead to $uicid@l thoughts if people let it continue 💔

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