How I Would Fix Halo Infinite

How I Would Fix Halo Infinite

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Halo Infinite has officially launched! And I thought it’d be a good idea to come up with a game plan for where the Multiplayer should be headed from here on out. This is more or less, what I think 343i should do and prioritize for the next… however long. So check the time stamps if there’s something in particular you want to see me talk about.

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Introduction – 0:00
Step #1: Create a Roadmap – 4:06
Step #2: Expand The Modes & Playlists – 6:35
Step #3: Tweak the Progression, Battle Pass, etc – 9:20
Step #4: Tear Down The Barriers, Enhance Customization – 15:09
Step #5: Balance Updates, Add New Weapons, Vehicles & Maps – 17:32
Step #6: Improve Custom Games – 19:57
Step #7: Flesh Out Social Features – 21:11
Step #8: Improve Anti-Cheat & Theater – 23:29
Step #9: Rethink Events Moving Forward – 24:37
Step #10: Conclusion & Long-Term Plans – 25:13

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41 Responses

  1. The Act Man says:

    Go to and use code HOLIDAY to get 15% off your Raycon order! Brought to you by Raycon.

    Halo Infinite has officially launched! And I thought it’d be a good idea to come up with a game plan for where the Multiplayer should be headed from here on out. This is more or less, what I think 343i should do and prioritize for the next… however long. So check the time stamps if there’s something in particular you want to see me talk about.

    • זה סודי says:

      Fiesta is coming back permanently. My guess is the events are there to test if the mode functions well before they add it to the main game

    • KillerZ x Ace says:

      @זה סודי but is barebones without the weapon variants from Halo 5

    • זה סודי says:

      @KillerZ x Ace we do have variants in the campaign…
      Super fiesta, 343. Please make our dreams come true

    • mwwwww says:

      You should consider doing a vid on the matchmaking in halo infinite. Its trash and even in casual makes people tryhard when all they want to do is have fun. For example, the SBMM uses team average skill, not individual player skill. 90% of my games i am the 1 good player dragging 3 significantly worse players behind me, meaning that I have to sweat hard to try to win the match. Its not fun for good or bad players. Good players are forced to carry, bad players get stomped.

    • LostPauseTheDegenerate says:

      Hey, when do you plan on releasing your Campaign review?

  2. FoxyDubz says:

    Lower prices in the store, add a catalog that allows us to buy things individually, add challenges for armor customization, give us more game modes

    • Tyler says:

      @HUNK Mr. Death This isn’t about what players want. This is how you sustain the longevity of a game. If this was a paid multiplayer it would die within a year. FTP models allow anyone to access it and free content updates so no one is behind. If there were bo micro transactions you would have to pay for every content update which would ultimately leave the game barren in a year or two. This is the halo for the next 10 years. Nobody would be paying for game content for that long. Paid cosmetic content is proven to work. It’s not ideal but it works. If you want a traditional cosmetic unlock Reach is still on the 360.

    • Power’s Stuff says:


    • HUNK Mr. Death says:

      @Tyler I’m fine with the battle pass system. It’s the armor coating though that pisses me off, aswell as the idea that your forced to spend over $100 just to make sure you get the armor you want. The least they could do is swap to the MCCs battle pass system where the seasons are always active so if you don’t finish one, you can go back to it to unlock the stuff you didn’t get to. Then there’s the armor coating. . . Who the fuck got high? I don’t see any logical reason why anybody could like the armor coatings it takes away from the game. I liked Reach because of its customization. The thing infinite fails at is the armor coating system. They might aswell not bother adding forge or firefight, I don’t see myself spending much time on anything but campaign. Halo has always been a game I view to be similar to Gmod or Minecraft. You can make your own campaigns using forge and custom games, hell you could make firefight game modes that are not only balanced, but feel like campaign missions. . . I don’t have much time to explain a example of a firefight game mode I’ve been working on making using MCCs Reach, but the general idea is the players are ODSTs holding out at a forerunner structure waiting for extraction as they face impossible odds forcing them to work together to survive. I just don’t find myself making such a game mode on infinite. . . Not when nobody looks different from each other. I may do a Spartan IV hold out. . . But I won’t put much effort into it. Something that hit hard at the end of Halo 4, “Soldiers aren’t machines, they’re just people.” I don’t get that vibe from Infinite’s multiplayer. As a result I lack any motivation to bother making a decent well thought out game mode, there’s no real story I can make for the game mode or map. . . In a way not being able to choose your primary or secondary color kills the game since now there’s no point in making a map that has any story line to it.

    • HUNK Mr. Death says:

      @Tyler I’d be fine if they gave us some basic colors (Red, Blue, Purple, Black, White, etc.) that we could choose from in a way like in previous games, letting us choose our own primary/secondary colors, but in return to unlock more shades of said colors and even materials for the armor we had to spend money on the battle pass. . . But with this armor coating system, it sorta is just like Fortnite. . . You spend over $100 and the only good thing you get in return is the armor, since none of the color coatings look decent really.

    • Metalcore Michael says:

      Lower store prices for sure! Why am I buying a 10 dollar battle to grind for weeks, while a single armor set in the same fucking price?!?!?

  3. iSpiteful says:

    Couldn’t of said it any better myself… 343 need to see this video. Great job as always Act Man!

  4. 1989TS says:

    We need a base level system.
    I think it’s crazy how they thought people would be ok with a battle pass system like this

  5. Swampy says:

    It’s really sad when the daily challenges are ready each day and I find myself playing a match thinking “all I need to do is finish the match, not win”. It feels like no one cares to win either sometimes because of the challenge system currently.

    • Ted Flob II says:

      This is the worst thing to me. Irritates me so much, no one even wants to try to work together.

      After a while of playing I am not having fun and just feel sad about the state of the game. I think I am sad because I can see the potential of the game hindered by poor monetization and challenge system among other issues.

    • Steven A says:

      yes disable kill / dead counts

  6. Blunt Brothers Productions says:

    Those dang sniper Jackels

  7. AShock42 says:

    It would be cool if they introduced a Flood horde/survival mode called outbreak with 8 players…..just an idea 🤷🏿‍♂️ increasingly stronger and numerous enemies with the Fob system they use in campaign

    • Gabriel Everson says:

      That actually sounds badass

    • AShock42 says:

      @The Professional Novice you’re on to something here. I would love for them to build off of this. Perhaps maybe even create objectives for you that incentives teamwork like having the team split in half so one team can go secure power weapons/vehicles for the group while the other stays and defends the core of the base or something like that. Your idea of the game being built around a specific containment team is great because then every player might have a name like in Zombies. The possibilities are hehe………infinite

    • NHC says:

      This needs to get to 343

    • Christopher Lucchesi says:

      I think this 343 needs to read this comment thread

    • Shin says:

      id rather them put in the basic halo game modes, a ranking system

  8. MuscledRMH says:

    100% agree on the playlist options! This would make the MP experience feel so much better. The lack of a progression system is disappointing and the lack of a service record is just unacceptable.

    There are way too many tokens in the Battle Pass. They should have added credits to it and make the swaps and tokens a second reward for a tier and not the only reward.

  9. ShIt stick 3000 says:

    “infinite is really fun we just want more ways to enjoy it” that’s exactly how I feel it is fun it just gets boring when you forced to play 5 game modes

    • Guy says:

      Yeah for some reason every time I start the game it’s CTF which whatever ig but it’s my least favorite game mode

    • Monk Man says:

      What you mean is you want to choose the game mode. Most people play slayer and dont touch other modes. I agree we need dedicated playlists for different modes, but i liike quick play because its the moat variety i ever had in halo.

  10. Matthew Ryan says:

    I’m terrible at forge, I’m gonna be honest. But I’m really creative and would love to create maps and the games I envision, I really think they should add a building snap toggle, it would be really user friendly, especially to the forge noobs like myself and it wouldn’t affect the OG forge experience as you could turn it off.

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