How Is Leon?

How Is Leon?

A first follow-up to the story of buying a Lobster from the grocery store seafood section and rehabbing it and keeping it as a pet. Leon has touched the hearts of many who see what an interesting creature he is.

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32 Responses

  1. Nick Lewis says:

    I’m very emotionally invested in this lobster.

  2. FBWalshyFTW says:

    Every person deserves someone who loves them as much as this man loves this lobster.

  3. Bobby Soza says:

    The fact that leon made it out of the grocery store and is now thriving is is very impressive and his colors look very vibrant thank you for taking such great care of him…

  4. Amber DuBoise says:

    His coloring looks so much better! So glad you brought him home.

  5. Hellings says:

    this whole story is magical. I look forward to seeing Brady and Leon more in the future. The dynamic duo.

  6. jayvardy says:

    Lobsters can live up to 100 years old.

    This guy might have just gotten himself into a lifetime commitment.

  7. A M says:

    I absolutely love that you rescued Leon and have been taking care of him. How big of a tank do you have him in? I’m honestly considering doing the same thing.

    • Haze says:

      You gonna rescue the clams?

    • H8SJWS 73 says:

      This seems very strange to me. Are folks actually viewing this like a rescue situation?? Interesting..Am a diver, love wildlife, and seafood! Wouldn’t have occurred to me in a million years, buying a lobster for a “pet”.

    • Dr Rob says:

      @Haze 😂😂😂

    • MacGregor B says:

      @H8SJWS 73 id say yeah. It might not be a typical rescue but without his help Leon would be long dead by now so it is a rescue of sorts

    • Florelea says:

      @H8SJWS 73 here’s how i see it. Leon was 100% a rescue situation. He was going to die and had a terrible life because of that- then he was given a second chance. So by all definitions yes he was rescued.

      That being said, no it was not a necessary rescue nor do we need to “save” other lobsters. Leon just happened to be lucky because brady was curious.

  8. T Bick says:

    I am somehow incredibly invested in these Leon updates. He’s seems so smart, can’t wait to see him exploring a bigger tank.

  9. Laura Bertie says:

    Well done Brady for giving Leon a home, he looks so healthy and much happier. Wishing you and Leon a Happy Christmas 🎄

  10. Brennen Taylor says:

    Leon looks so happy looking forward to the next update in a few months

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