How It Was Shot: 10 Most Iconic Movie Scenes

How It Was Shot: 10 Most Iconic Movie Scenes

Top 10 Amazing Movie Making Secrets About Iconic Film Scenes!
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For every carefully planned script or crystal-clear director’s vision, there’s an unplanned twist or total accident that ends up being just as important to a finished film. Sometimes, that means an unforgettable movie moment has nothing but luck to thank, or that audiences will never know what really went on behind the scenes – until now. Here is Screenrant’s look at How it Was Shot: 10 Most Iconic Movie Scenes.

Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade | 0:28
Jurassic Park | 0:57
The Shining | 1:34
Jaws | 2:07
Mad Max: Fury Road | 2:43
Apocalypse Now | 3:28
A Nightmare on Elm Street | 4:00
Superman Returns | 4:32
Alien | 5:02
The Exorcist | 5:36

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19 Responses

  1. Matt Larrabee says:

    Sean Connery and Harrison Ford were in their underwear? Well, no wonder the
    rest of the cast were all sweaty…

  2. Stevo says:

    That whole Superman section looked like the worst CGI I have ever seen

  3. mjstory1976 says:

    Nancy was not killed in the bathtub scene in Nightmare on Elm Street

  4. Ronnoc Connor says:

    10 movies with different endings from the book

  5. TheAchristocat says:

    There were a couple of mistakes in this, but the BIGGEST was that the T Rex
    was NOT built by ILM – It was built at Stan Winston Studio….and yes, all
    of the rain DID mess with it. The crew would spend a couple of hours every
    evening with towels and dryers trying to dry out the foam latex skin. Being
    so large and so much surface area, the hydraulics were tuned to a very
    specific weight. When the weight got hundreds of pounds heavier, it would
    make it less accurate for hitting marks…I worked at Stan’s for almost 10
    1/2 years. I didn’t work on JP1 but I did work on JP2… :)

  6. Ben Sweeney says:

    Iron Man when he first starts to fly they attached the wires to his boots
    to make it more realistic

  7. jesse menchaca says:

    Rip Wes craven ??

  8. Rto Laud says:


  9. 56therealLT says:

    Boyhood was made by the director literally taking a shit and filming it for
    2 straight hours uncut

  10. Brandon Jones says:

    You should have added the :itt;e Shop Of Horror’s (1986) method for making
    the plant sing. In order to get faster lip movements, they had to speed up
    the footage, which in turn made the actors move and sing super slow so when
    the footage was sped up, their movements looked normal.

  11. Prop-Forge says:

    Stan Winston Studios built the animatronic T-Rex, not ILM. ILM did the
    digital compositing.

  12. lili ortega says:


  13. Shut the f*ck up google+ and stop asking me if I want to change my f*cking name says:

    They should make Top 10 Practical Mad Max Scenes out of the four Mad Max

  14. Lydia Prueher says:

    Wow these people really love “The Exorcist”

  15. Baccus93 says:

    Yawn fest

  16. Jesse Polanco says:


  17. Brent Harder says:

    Am I the only one who thinks his voice sounds different? new microphone?

  18. eggman17872k2 says:

    The bathtub scene in Nightmare was not a “kill”.

  19. Awesome91Rado says:

    I love the idea of How it’s shot. You should make more episode like that.
    Thumb up for the creative people on your team :)