How J Cole Fans were after they Heard J Cole new Album (The Off Season) One time

How J Cole Fans were after they Heard J Cole new Album (The Off Season) One time

Y’all already know this how the Cole fans were! How I know? Cause IM A COLE FAN DUH 😂😂😂

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  1. RDCworld1 says:

    100 MIL AND IM STILLL 100 Mil and I’m still on the grind! Leave some likes

  2. WhatchaGot2Say says:

    How every J. Cole fan come straight to RDC channel when a new album drop tho

  3. supbirdy says:

    J Cole really be waking people up

  4. King CSG says:

    “We can find a way to stop world hunger…”
    “He got his life together”
    “That’s how it’s a classic”😂😂😂

  5. Jayyy Hammm says:

    Thanks to J Cole album I copped 1000 Doge coins, saved the lives of 7 homeless people, grew my receding hair back and graduated from grad school by studying for 12 hours straight no water or bathroom breaks

    • Belphemon RBX says:

      mans got baptized

    • Rotimi Johnson says:

      J Cole saves lives my brother. I already found my lost parents and reconciled with them, found the love of my life and married her, had 3 wonderful kids, and I exiled in my career because of him.

    • Stephanie Brown says:

      You have inspired me sir………….NASA here I come!!!!!

  6. Tiara Ballard says:

    I’m waiting on J. Cole to drop a song that starts with Mark saying “JERMAINE?! … COLE?!”

  7. Nasri Anglais says:

    I swear i have been waiting for this video ever since the Album Dropped 😹 bruh said we can stop world hunger 💀🔥

  8. Tudo Em 3 Com Maxh says:

    Sharau irmão do Luigi🤲🏾

  9. ThE Book Of SwantE says:

    y’all never miss with the j cole skits 😂

  10. TheThirdErnest says:


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