How J.Lo Met A-Rod

How J.Lo Met A-Rod

Superstar Jennifer Lopez spilled all the details about meeting former pro-baseball player and current boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. Talk about a home run!

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20 Responses

  1. Denise Mendoza says:

    J-Lo and Ellen are personality goals?

  2. Cousins 4life says:

    Jenny doesn’t look old at all she looks so young ??

  3. lovey doves says:

    is she wearing a fucking bra or not?!?!

  4. Maurice Rousseau says:

    wasn’t she dating Drake last month. I can’t keep up with these celebrity relationships?

  5. Shakil says:

    I got scared too! ???

  6. Aa Gg says:

    Lol love how Ellen always rubs her collar to signal her crew when to surprise her guests.

  7. NTA LA says:

    Jennifer- Uh I don’t sleep over at the first date.
    Ellen- I do. LOL Ellen you naughty girl.

  8. Luis Marques says:

    That face, those legs, that body at almost 48 years!!! #BodyGoals

  9. Choco Chucky says:

    How is she a hoe because she dates alot. That’s the whole point of dating, you meet people an get to know them.

  10. Bong Karno Soria says:

    Ellen definitely has a thing for latina women. JLo and Sofia Vergara are always on her show. (Not that I’m complaining)

  11. Chris Goritsas says:

    How does she always looks so beautiful?

  12. KingSureShot says:

    I bet that’s not the only rod she met.

  13. ThriftyAF says:


  14. denizsevvalopez says:

    she’s one of the cutest person ever!

  15. Kawhi Clamp God says:

    I swear she just came on this show talking about dating drake.

  16. Kayla Anderson says:

    Jlo is living the LIFE. If i could choose to be anyone, i dont wanna be a princess or an heiress or some president’s wife, i wanna be friggin JLO.

  17. Trevor Phillips says:

    Is her blood made out of wine because she is’nt aging

  18. Flor Alaniz says:

    jlo is beautiful that’s what dating is about can’t just stick to one until you find the right one maybe she is just to much of a woman for them she is smart business woman singer actress she is everything in a package luv her!!!

  19. JoL™ says:

    she stolen my initials name

  20. amoureuxdelamusiq1 says:

    OMG my cheeks hurt, I’ve smiled through the whole video.

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