How Jose & I Met..!

How Jose & I Met..!

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44 Responses

  1. Karina Cornejo says:

    Everyone here commenting on the age difference and acts like they never dated someone older! Leave them alone as long as the parents are okay let them be por Dios santo ! Thats why they keep everything from us because everyone is always so quick to judge! Anyways we love you Mujeron ❤️

  2. Michelle Salas says:

    Am I the only one who caught “We met December of 2019”, “We’ve been talking for a year.”
    Lol, I think yall mean’t 2018.

  3. odalis garcia says:

    Can Jose & Melody be left alone??… this is such a cute story 💗💗 quien pensaría que la Melody sabe ligarse a un hombre lol 😂. Y’all too cute!! ❤️

  4. La Gordis says:

    people are so bothered about age, but most of our parents were in the same boat, let her live! 🙄 people are always so quick to judge worry about you guys and not hers 😒

  5. cynthia valles says:

    awww their so cute I hate how people are so judgmental who cares if their together or not age is just a number and love is love ❤️ &&& 10:00-10:05 Melody for sure said that 😂😂😂

    • yung Irany says:

      cynthia valles age is just a number !? Well some states might call that illegal, and some people go to jail for it…. but I guess

  6. Monica says:

    I met my husband at 15 he was 19. We got married when I was 18. Two years later we had our son. And now we’ve been together going on 9 years. Living our best lives. We finished school, have really good jobs, and travel. Don’t let these negative people, get into your head. You guys met during your high school years, it’s bound to happen. My husband and I actually met each other at Independence High School. Best of luck to you both. ❤️AZ love.

  7. Monse Ramos says:

    Age gap don’t matter there’s alot of people that are 3 years apart in age. At the end love will always win. ❤️ you guys look happy that’s all that matters 💕😘

  8. Mary Mejia says:

    Damn why the f y’all be saying she’s a little girl and he needs to find a girl he’s age…. like mira call my hubby a “salta cuna”or whatever but we ten years apart same as my parents and his parents . So some of y’all be quiet . Don’t gunna nada nice to say then adios bishhh 🤗

  9. Lizbeth Hernandez says:

    I don’t see an issue ? Is common in any county not just in MEXICO ! But dude my husband is 5 years older then me both of them are at least 3 1/2 years apart 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Little Elle says:

      Lizbeth Hernandez fr my mother is 10/8 yrs younger than my my dad

    • Leslie says:

      Yea but he’s an adult and she isn’t. That’s a case. At least until she’s 18. That’s what people argue.

    • Arianna Lopez says:

      Ok but shit isnt like it wasn’t back in the days of he can be with her in my eyes he can be with an 14, 13, 12,11 BUT IT DOESNT MATTER RIGHT fucking or being with a little girl it’s nothing.

  10. Janette Espinoza says:

    I never really like to comment on videos but .. I’ve read a lot of comments on how people hate on their relationship. Because of their age difference , there are some of yalls family members that are like 5 7 10 years a part and are married and stuff .. and theirs people who criticize them cuss she’s 15 and he’s 18 . If her parents approve and his mom approves it’s their business let them be. Si dura su relación , si ella oh el son como son entre ellos . Eso es pedo de los dos no de nosotros . I said what I said 🗣

  11. Nayeli Flores says:

    Jose:”I’m not going anywhere “🥺can’t relate !

  12. Anielka Silva says:

    People keep talking about yea I met my husband when I was 15 and he was 18, that’s not the point not every 15 yr old is MATURE. I have nothing against Melody but the fact that her personality is just so RUDE. Just be yourself mama you don’t have to act tough or mandilona. Every girl knows when we are around our parent we act way different, pero behind them dale kiss me and hug me lol. Wish nothing but the best for y’all relationship I hope you guys can see the point.

  13. Karen Salazar-Angeles says:

    Your kinda grosera towards him🙃 like I get that’s your personality like you may not do it on purpose but you seem like your trying soo hard to be bossy and dominant. Just chill a lil bit, bc he’s really sweet.

  14. Tasha Soto says:

    I was 15 my husband was 18 when we started dating. Here we are 18 years later still going strong with 4 beautiful daughters. If y’all are a thing, forget the haters and enjoy each other’s company have fun

  15. The figueroa Family says:

    When Jose said am not going anywhere guys he fs likes her

  16. family villalobos says:

    Hey age doesn’t matter if ur parents are cool with it pues it’s fine let everyone talk shit who cares lol I was 15 and my man was 18 too y que I’m 27 he’s 30 now We still together 😉 now I let everyone hate even more

    • Clarissa Reyes says:

      family villalobos not everyone ends up like you. I know a girl who started dating her bf at 16 and he was 19. They got married when she was 18 bc they got tired of fu**ing around behind her parents back. Now she’s 25 and divorced with 2 kids… she needs to date guys her age and date around not settle for the first guy she meets

  17. Jackie and Evelin says:

    why is everyone hating, y’all need to leave them alone, if they are happy together it is non of y’alls business

  18. Magda Martinez says:

    Jose is so sweet and respectful they are both so much alike personality wise goofy and jokey Jose is definitely a keeper

  19. Denisse says:

    “IM NOT GOING ANYWHERE GUYS”- Jose is such a gentleman 💗

  20. Gabriela Ledesma says:

    People swear like its a bad thing to be with someone older, yes shes underage but if her parents are cool with it que le valga a los demas seriously…

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