How Listerine Created Bad Breath

How Listerine Created Bad Breath

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20 Responses

  1. Captain Camera says:

    Nice one…

  2. Draco Malfoy (TheTurtleMaster) says:

    ? I just love: ” Do you have bad breath?” “No!” *??*

  3. Fiona Martén says:

    My saliva’s ph value is often out of balance, I do in fact have a bad
    breath if I don’t drink enough.

  4. Andy K says:

    Chick in green face mask was hot af

  5. vibovitold says:

    they created a fancy term to sugarcoat a harsh truth, but it’s not like
    they invented the problem (as we know)

  6. Jack Marriot says:


  7. ramees basheer says:

    Nothing in this video says that Listerine does not help in eradicating bad
    breath, right? I’m still using it.

  8. Eduardo Grasso says:

    Maybe Listerine created a BRAND around bad breath… but many people have
    bad breath, you may call it halitosis or whatever you prefer, but some
    people breath smells like rotten eggs and others just dont…

  9. Kitty Mcguinness says:

    People still have nasty breath tho

  10. HooRaCha says:

    If you have bad breath, just floss! That’s where bad breath comes from. All
    the old food stuck in your teeth. GREAT VIDEO!

  11. RedInferno112 says:

    They didn’t “create” bad breath. Some people I know have breath that makes
    me cringe, I usually have to lean back or look away when talking to them…

  12. Javier Palacios says:

    adam it’s so cool i think he would be an excellent friend

  13. iamnobody5 says:

    Adam definitely ruins everything…. especially collegehumour

  14. Евгений Чибышев says:


  15. Marina Moni says:

    why does nobody get sarcasm?

  16. NFITC1 says:

    Yeah, this is why I don’t read or watch TV anymore. :P

  17. Andrew Vasquez says:

    they didn’t create bad breath this video was dumb

  18. Mike.Slay says:

    *pours 18 bottles of Listerine down pants*

  19. Firehawk says:

    It’s slowly turning from “Adam Ruins Everything” to “Adam Ruins Capitalism”

  20. Tan Francisco says:

    That green girl gets me Fired Up!