how LOUD am i?

how LOUD am i?

I bought a decibel meter to see how loud I am AND ALSO how loud the entire world around me is! What’s the loudest sound I can find? How loud can I scream? The results will SHOCK YOU!! Also it’s my birthday.

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47 Responses

  1. Markiplier says:

    It’s my BIRTHDAY!! Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes and thanks for 24 Million Subscribers! If 24 million people all shouted at once how loud would that be…?

  2. *Hidden Reaper* says:

    Mark is now level 30 and unlocked midlife crisis with speaker

  3. Vivian Tapia says:

    Mark you probably shouldn’t throw firework poppers.. inside your car…

  4. The Wattman says:

    So just to summarize:

    *On the eve of his 30th birthday, Mark drives around, initially with no gas at all, all night with a sound meassurer, trying to determine the sound-intensity of some commonly found items.*

  5. Wolficorn Doggo says:

    “Oh f**k it’s a bomb!”
    -Markiplier 2019

  6. Droid 18 Beta says:



  7. Diana ;-; says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!

    Edit: isn’t it kinda funny that the thing that reached the loudest decibel was mark himself?

  8. Shauna Franklin says:

    Yeah… Probably shouldn’t have wore earphones to this one

  9. Yusuf Maldini says:

    Was this meant 2 be an inspirational video?

    Courtesy of Markiplier

  10. glenwo2 says:

    Belated Happy B-day to you, Mark! Only 30, though? You still got your entire life ahead of you. Nice!

  11. Kiko'sUniverse says:

    Happy Bday Mark!! You are my favorite Youtuber I hope you stay on Youtube for a long time ^-^

  12. Martin Rioux says:

    I’m 34 and I’m not done figuring things out about myself. I don’t think I’ll ever be. I think that’s the reason why we’re alive. Happy birthday!

  13. haondoor says:

    FRICK YOU MARK for making me cry on your birthday…you sweet buffalo!

  14. o0Avalon0o says:

    I’m freaking crying; my brain can’t handle Mark going from exaggerated sex jokes to wholesome family-memories -> 8:03

  15. Crazy for Youtubers says:

    *assaults deciplnomiter*
    *gets hurt instead*

    That’s a mOoD!

  16. Mason Van Rossum says:

    *Mark*: how loud an I

    *us* your very loud

    Happy birthday Mark


    I did not know it was going to be yo birthday.HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK BEEN WATCHING YO VIDS FOR ABOUT 7 YEARS NOW YOUUU DA BEST

  18. FAiden says:

    So your *_DAMIEN_* music is your big problem music now

  19. Meme guy says:

    Happy Birthday Mark! Your my favorite youtuber in the world!

  20. PrincessJordan Finekitty101 says:

    Happy B-day, Mark!!

    I hope you had the LOUDEST Birthday ever!!!! ????

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