How Many 5 FT Drop Tests Can NINTENDO SWITCH Survive? Ultimate Drop Durability Test!!

How Many 5 FT Drop Tests Can NINTENDO SWITCH Survive? Ultimate Drop Durability Test!!

Nintendo Switch is out! It’s time for a good ole classic drop test! And not just any drop test, the ultimate drop test. We keep on dropping it until it dies! Check it out! How durability is the Nintendo Switch actually?


I was shocked at how durable the switch turned out to be. Ultimately the controllers and the nobs on the controllers do a great job protecting the device from typical drops here and there. But eventually those will break, but the good news is that they are easily replaceable. But with the screen being plastic, you’ll want to get a screen protector or you’ll end of scratching it badly over time. But I don’t think you’ll need a case to keep this device alive generally.

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20 Responses

  1. H20Fighter says:

    i dont even have 300 dollars to drop on this thing, and this guy is droping it on purpose?!?! lol

  2. Duckierpit says:

    Kids in Africa could be eating that switch

  3. Thethunderstriker says:

    A bunch of people are probably screaming “NO I WANT IT”

  4. N SRW says:

    Comment down below

    Am i entered?

  5. Satsuki Takahashi says:

    I’ve been waiting for this for ever!!!! plz pick me

  6. young _mikey30 says:

    idk if I can watch this lollol

  7. Eddy Infante says:

    can i please have the nintendo switch

  8. Ey3Le55 says:

    I want a Nintendo Switch ?

  9. FryGuy says:

    Really cool video! 😀 By the way it would be cool to win the Switch. 😀

  10. Mike Dey says:

    I like the black one better

  11. King Piccolo says:

    please can i have the switch m8? i spent all my money on gift cards please man i really want the switch. And I subscribed!

  12. Just a Commenter says:

    Hi Unbox Therapy, I would like the switch because I’ve wanted to play Breath of the Wild since it was announced it 2014, I was preparing for it and was so excited! When I saw the preorders the hype was real. But then I was sad that they were all sold out before I had a chance. I was happy that I got Breath of the Wild though! I decided I would just go and get it on release day, then I could play all day long on launch.

    Yesterday, (release day) I went to all the stores in my area, they were sold out. I then expanded my search to 4 other Counties only to find every singe store’s stock was gone. I was devastated. It became clear that literally every store that sold the switch is already sold out.

    I’d love to win the Switch, It would be an honer. I might just die from happiness. Thanks for reading :).

  13. Metal Head says:


  14. TechieManny says:

    I would like to win one of these.

  15. Kim Zawacki says:

    i want switch plz it’s so cool

  16. I Plah Gams says:

    id love a Switch so I mean hey, if I win, sick stuff

  17. nom dom says:

    so is this comment gonna win me a switch?

    Probably not

  18. shiftsevenproduction says:

    This is so cool I wish I could afford one. Nice vid btw!

  19. Pablo Estrada says:


  20. Felipe Rodriguez says:

    also I subed

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