How Many Balloons Stops an Arrow?

How Many Balloons Stops an Arrow?

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24 Responses

  1. How Ridiculous says:

    Go to and use code HowRidiculous to get an extra $50 off any Kamikoto knife purchase!

    • Christopher Starshine says:

      Would be cool to see Jack in a regular video, but would but also cool to see Jack do a camera challenge – like you guys come up with hard to capture items and see how good is his tracking, or zooming while moving, etc is. Or even do a camera challenge where the 4 of you try to capture the same thing on camera and see whos footage comes out the best.

    • Saulo Toledo says:

      Gostaria de ver legenda ou dublado em português BR.

    • roland willis says:

      What’s your position on Ukrainian invasion

    • Jon Miller says:

      I haven’t seen all of your videos but have you ever tried dropping a superball off dams, or other high places like the tower you can use. Look up the superball to see what I’m talking about just in case if confusing anyone.

    • BESHY’S BEE’S says:

      @L T the best combo for RPS is rock, scissors, paper (RSP) most people start with R because they forget what they’re wanna throw and R is the default move, round 2 is scissors because most go paper thinking others will rock again.
      This strategy for RPS works 100% 60% of the time

  2. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    This is like recreating Bloons Tower Defense irl

  3. Greg Hudgens says:

    Love the viddies boys, as always! One request for future ones is to have a round or rounds where you all have the same item. Evens the playing field a little bit and makes it more of a skill battle, plus it gives y’all more chances to have an arrow shot that actually takes out all the balloons! Keep up the great work!

    • Ryan Lippe says:

      I’d love to see everyone try and pop balloons with a coney joney throw through a window

    • allgreatfictions says:

      I second this idea. For example, I’d love it to be the way you choose who gets to pick the first item used instead of rock paper scissors. Whoever pops the most balloons with just a pair of scissors, for example, but no points given for balloons popped. Just the advantage of choosing the order or something.

  4. LISA - Ann says:

    Ah, yes… it’s just not Friday until HR uploads their latest highjinks!

  5. Ryne Neilan says:

    I’ve been wanting Jack to get in and show u guys how to do all this stuff for a long time. Jack vs the world baby let’s gooo!

  6. Joel Josiah Lockridge says:

    That was an awesome shot by Brett!

    Also, the thing we’ve learned this episode, is that if you can get something that comes in fragments, do so.

  7. Raycefan says:

    The best part of subscribing to this channel, is being able to watch over the years the friendship between you three. I wish all three of you nothing but the best.

  8. Andrea Mackay says:

    Love you guys, literally have gotten my family through many lockdowns. Need more Tower, Science with Gaunson and getting the bell on!! 🛎

  9. Suho1004 says:

    Love how Scott plugs his nose for the powder paint but then stands there with his mouth wide open. 😀

    And, yes, Jack should definitely be in a competition.

  10. Caledonian Haze says:

    The timing of the throwing star is amazing in the slow mo – rotating just enough between balloons so the next point pops the next balloon. 😀

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