How Many Black Actors Can You Name? w/ Tony Rock

How Many Black Actors Can You Name? w/ Tony Rock

In honor of the 1st Annual All Def Movie Awards, Tony Rock hit Hollywood Blvd. to see how much people really know about black movies.

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20 Responses

  1. Neirrrd Lesley says:

    wait i thought tanya and dru were chris rocks sibling whose this nigg

  2. Julius Erving says:


  3. Awsomeman123321 says:

    Name 3 famous Asian actors in the USA.

  4. MOONS says:

    so nobody said Samuel L Jackson… have people just not watched a movie in
    there life because that mother fuckers in every God damn movie l

  5. Potato Fam says:


  6. eyy lets go says:

    that guy had a pretty good ice cube impression

  7. Kanye East says:

    Your answer should be Friday y’all lmao

  8. Neyshaly Nicole says:

    Jennifer Lopez? ermahgad

  9. kayla w says:

    this bitch really said The Help….

  10. jason jason says:

    is there such a thing as a black movie?? and have you ever heard someone
    white use the term white movie? for us black ppl, the mental segregation is
    as strong as the 50s

  11. Sofia Valdivieso says:

    Jennifer lopez!!!! Dumb blonde

  12. Elijah Mcdaniels says:

    Woopy Goldberg Samuel Jackson Bernie Mac Do the right thing

  13. canadapwns886 says:

    Samuel L Jackson, Laurence Fishburne, Donald Glover. Where’s my prize?

  14. SuperSpike49 says:


  15. TheKid Francis says:

    that duy at 1:45 proper sounded like he was in NWA

  16. Alex Zepeda says:

    Boyz in da hood is my shit

  17. SupremeJudge says:

    Only 3? That ain’t even hard unless you ignorant as hell. Favorite black
    movie? The Breaks, lead is white but it’s funny as hell.

  18. Gshhx Ydhd says:

    idris elba and best movie was white chicks

  19. Artyom V. says:

    my favorite black movie is cooley high

  20. Alex Miranda says:

    Guy – What’s your favorite black movie
    Me – Black Dynamite