How many chess games are possible?

How many chess games are possible?

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Dr James Grime talking about the Shannon Number and other chess stuff. More soon on chess positions and numbers.

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20 Responses

  1. Kiren Polara says:

    Could you do another video like this but instead of chess could you do it
    about go ( A much more complicated ancient Asian board game)

  2. nychold says:

    @1:22 Whoa…when was the last you saw THAT variation of the King’s
    Gambit? Jeez, what is this, 1851?

  3. lkjsdf1 says:

    I recognized the “immortal game”!!! Listened to the book on your
    recommendation and then reenacted the game on an app. Good stuff!

  4. boumbh says:

    These numbers are nothing compared to what is possible in go. Aliens don’t
    play chess. In go I see the same aesthetics as in mathematics.

  5. fun911s says:

    How many chess games are possible?

  6. FullTimeSlacker says:

    How did they get 8902 for the second move of white? 

  7. /_FR0STB1T3_/ says:

    #ChessRacism Kappa :P

  8. danmar007 says:

    What I want to know is how many snowflakes have fallen since the very first
    snowfall! :-)

  9. LeGunslinger says:

    Shoji “Japanese Chess” possible games number is much much higher because
    peices can return to game after capture.

  10. Keahn Bruzzi says:

    +Marissa Elaine ….Or telling civilians from the past that time travel
    exists is prohibited.

  11. ~[Ματ2468χκ] says:

    “How many chess games are possible?” ~Numberphile.

    Whoa, you might want to slow down a notch, professor Einstein Tesla Newton.

    Jokes aside, this actually made me ponder a bit.

  12. Mohammad Shameoni Niaei says:

    Dear +Numberphile
    I love your channel. I watched nearly all your videos.
    But the creaking sound made by the pen on paper makes me uncomfortable.
    It sounds to me like scratching nails on a chalkboard sound.
    Can you please do something about it?

  13. Nils Andersson Ström says:

    Aren’t you forgetting that some pieces are going to be ‘removed’ during the
    game and therefor lowering the number of possibilities each round?

  14. solomonster73 says:

    seems to me that no two chess games are the same

  15. gotwoh3ll says:

    There are actually infinity games.. you could just move the rooks back and
    forth for … well forever and still consider it a possible game 

  16. Sam Cornwell says:

    7:40 You should invoke the play to win rule. A computer plays to win, not
    to muck about.

  17. Tibi Mose says:

    I love chess and I don’t care who knows it! Thanks for this video :)

  18. Lobster with Mustard and Rice says:

    Guess who’s back! back again! Grime’s back! tell a friend!

  19. Numberphile says:

    +Vivek Ramadoss boy are you on the wrong channel!

  20. Swapnil Achari says:

    Invented in India ….Proud to be an Indian…