How Many Glass Windows Stops a Golf Ball???

How Many Glass Windows Stops a Golf Ball???

How good is smashing windows!

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44 Responses

  1. H-Bomb says:

    There’s something so satisfiying about the gym ball slowy

  2. Mark Peyton Vlogs says:

    We definitely know Herron isn’t a golfer😂

  3. Caniac Gaming says:

    Not “how many doors?” More like “how many swings Herron?”

  4. Rick Shiels Golf says:

    As a golfer, this video was very very cool! Great work lads 👏

    Weirdly I enjoyed the exercise ball most. Ha

  5. Iron Fan says:

    “That’s a good hole though, isn’t it?” – Australian Man, 2021.

  6. Ron Wingrove says:

    9:45 “No Buzz Lightyear, but maximum Woody.”

    Is that going on a shirt?

  7. Plasma Channel says:

    A better bullseye has never been had. Second hit on that exercise ball, and that ball was wishing for the sweet embrace of Rexy instead.

  8. Ryan Mahood says:

    That exercise ball is the coolest thing I’ve seen in ages.

  9. Ben Boroff says:

    “we’re gonna get spicy”

    Should not have said that
    I Should not have said that

  10. Paul Miner says:

    Bulletproof glass: “this is insulting” 😅

  11. Kevin Holmes says:

    Really need to include some giveaways with things EVERYONE can do, and not just peeps with IG.

  12. Marco Gallone says:

    Should be a new golf ball speed test metric. “I smashed it over 5 glassies” or “that ball went 2 BPGs”

  13. Tyler Wright says:


    Herron: “Oh that is so silly”

    Stanford: “Man piss off”

  14. Hood Jigsaw says:

    “It’s not satisfying when it’s not in the middle”

    *me, thoroughly satisfied*

  15. christiannielsen says:

    It’s SO good to have you back. My saturday mornings weren’t the same without you guys. 🙂

  16. Greyson Aragon says:

    The human body shouldn’t do that!

  17. Mostafa tame says:

    *”Now THATS Alot of DAMAGE”*

  18. shad covert says:

    Hearing the “Stone Cold Steve Austin” entrance theme in my head every time the glass shatters.

  19. senni bgon says:

    Not “how many doors?” More like “how many swings Herron?”

  20. Noble says:

    “That’s me testicles.” – Herron

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