How Many People Can The Earth Hold?

How Many People Can The Earth Hold?

There are over seven billion people currently living on Earth, but with limited resources, when will we run out of room?

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20 Responses

  1. totallyflippedout says:

    The real question is how many cooks can the Earth hold? Too many cooks

  2. MaiHead says:

    “Soylent Green is made out of people!!”

  3. Kylo Ren says:

    The Government is already taking care of this..

  4. XxPokichuxX says:

    Ok everyone just needs to have a vasectomy and a sterilization!

  5. PhoenixFire250 says:

    It’s funny people actually thought like this 10 years ago in 2016. He
    didn’t account for all our innovations.

  6. Sycotic Deninard says:

    Haha, If you think 10 billion is bad, wait until it gets doubled.
    Fortunately I will be dead before that happens but todays children will
    have to deal with this problem and trust me when the world is facing a
    massive population explosion of over 20 billion people, there WILL be some
    draconian measures taking place. It will make Eugenics look childish.
    Expect regions of the planet to be unfairly depopulated.

  7. Mugi Wara says:

    There are too many people on this earth. We need a new plague

  8. ZeroX02c says:

    It can hold as many people as we need it to. The current population would
    have been unthinkable in the early 1900s. We’d be starving and dying from
    smallpox by the hundreds of millions right now. Humans can do whatever we
    want as long as we invest enough into acquiring knowledge. The rate at
    which we can gain information is about to increase in an unseen way too
    with the advent of true AIs and the application of iterative virtual
    systems. We are already seeing computers solve engineering problems through
    1000s of iterations in a matter of weeks, essentially doing a lifetime of
    work for a human while the human works on other things. On top of that, if
    a computer learns something, the speed at which the info can be taught to
    another computer is the speed of data transfer, and it is practically
    lossless, which is impossible with humans. It wouldn’t be unthinkable to
    say that in the next few decades, we could start to amass knowledge and
    develop technology at a rate 1 order of magnitude faster than we ever
    achieved in the 20th century.

  9. Lucy Withaspoon says:

    the answer’s in the thumbnail.

  10. Brent Borders (borders90) says:

    Soooo should I just shoot myself now?

  11. Kevorkian says:

    But we have GMO’s.

  12. Kuldar Leement says:

    No problemo – we have a war

  13. Brett Saur says:

    Don’t worry. Zombie apocalypse should even us out for a while.

  14. Emma_ptg says:

    Ah! The background music is making me nervous.

  15. Adam Hessler says:

    Interested in knowing how the amount of food that is wasted in America
    would affect the amount of humans that could be supported? Was this number
    taken into account as well?

  16. The creed says:

    i smell a world war..#save earth

  17. Steven Eddings says:

    stopped watching and disliked at the point when you started speculating
    that if 3 billion people lived like Americans, science not buzzfeed click
    bait science.

  18. T LUCk COmpany says:

    lol this is a joke at 10 billion people everyone could fit on Australia
    with room left over linearly and getting a 1/4 acre

  19. Alex Hernandez says:

    We need a new plague
    – Dwight Schrute

  20. Bryan Rey says:

    One word….