How many secret chests can I hide in this room?

How many secret chests can I hide in this room?

How many Minecraft chests can I hide in this room? In today’s Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft video, I build a hidden minecraft chest base. This hidden Minecraft base transforms a regular Minecraft build into a hidden Minecraft storage system. If you’re looking for ways to hide your valuables in Minecraft, create secret storage systems, or have secret Minecraft chests, then you’ll enjoy this video.

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33 Responses

  1. Mumbo Jumbo says:

    The goal was to hide as many chests as possible, and making an entrance/exit would have reduced the number.

  2. yeah says:

    It’s always a good Mumbo video when he’s too busy with redstone to ask the question “how do I get in and out of this room”

  3. Stepping Between Games says:

    Only Mumbo would do this amount of great redstone work and forget that the room needs a door.

  4. Funny SpongeBob says:

    As much as I miss hermitcraft and seeing mumbo interact with other hermits i can speak for all of us when I say we prefer a happy mumbo with his own desired content 🙂

  5. Abbe Winter says:

    I love watching Mumbo’s redstone videos because they include the process of how he gets them working (or not working, sometimes). It’s always easier to learn if you get to see the “Why” behind each step.

  6. FolixOrision says:

    I hope you build this on a server at some point. I like the idea of having two ‘modes’ of a base.

  7. good boi says:

    seeing mumbo doing what he enjoys most and not forcing himself to make a specific type of video makes some of the best minecraft content

    • good boi says:

      @paradoxb3 what if he’s not retiring from hermitcraft and just wants to take a break
      but tru he should let us know why he’s not playing in hermitcraft and if he’ll come back or no

    • paradoxb3 says:

      He could at least address the elephant in the room and let the fans know what’s up. I’d appreciate a “Sorry but I’m retiring from Hermitcraft” video way more than “yet another redstone vault in creative” one. Heck, I’d be satisfied if he’d just acknowledge he still doesn’t know what he wants to do going forward rather than ignoring it entirely.

    • Sphendrana Drifts says:

      @xPiggyyy Playz I’ve been reporting it for spam lately.

    • Wally Smalley says:

      As someone who has payed no attention to hermitcraft for three years, I see this as an absolute win

    • Kjono says:

      @soronorjspro you should just report it for spam, YouTube’s algorithms boost comments and comment threads based on interactions so you replying to the bot only boost the bot account’s value and encourages further use of bots across the platform.

  8. Jordan Shuster says:

    I love these videos you’ve been dropping lately. They’re quirky, fun, and a great exploration of tech minecraft. So happy to see our favorite redstoner Mumbo back in action!

  9. Sue D Lamb says:

    It’s always a good Mumbo video when he’s too busy with redstone to ask the question “how do I get in and out of this room”

  10. Chris Smith says:

    A lot of my server base is underground so I can definitely fit this in. I’d want to have three drop down walls and the drop down floor (connected separately), in a palace inspired room that looks barren, with only a couple chests in each corner with two separate key-card readers that seem to be trolling the entrant for finding the room for nothing.

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