How Marvel Heroes feel about Phase 4

How Marvel Heroes feel about Phase 4

We had to get Every Hero’s opinion about Marvel’s Phase 4, and while some people are glad to get some shine others had a few things to say.

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61 Responses

  1. RDCworld1 says:

    Wassup y’all I know y’all want the main skits but you know in production! Let’s get this video to 75k likes and 3k comments for Blade!

  2. Caleb Dorsey says:

    The first time i encountered moon knight was in Spider-Man Web Of Shadows

  3. werewolfdemon100 says:

    Moon knight look like a poor kkk member. He couldnt even get the right outfit lol

  4. BestPatched says:

    We ain’t gone act like he ain’t snap on them nun-chucks.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Shang- Chi don’t know if he wanna practice Kung fu or be Michael Jackson

  6. Expensive gurl says:

    I don’t know but the interviewer was petty as hell lmao??

  7. ladale mills says:

    Blade: You know what I do to vampires don’t you

    Interviewer: Yeah but you can’t do it to nobody else.

    Blade face said it all???

  8. edgargarcia324 says:

    Damn I didn’t think I was coming to watch this video to just be disrespected ????

  9. Horny Gamer Sasune says:

    Moon Knight would body Hawkeye. Interviewer what the heck?

  10. King Klout says:

    “who shoot like me”? Uhhh… TaskMaster??‍♂️

  11. A giant fictional lizard wearing glasses Zilla says:

    Moon Knight straight up look like a KKK member ?

  12. DarkKent says:

    Hawkeye needs to hit the gym, and shang chi dressed like captain Kirk!

  13. Armaan Lidder says:

    Hawkeye’s not gettin a movie he’s gettin a TV show. No one even called it out lol. Plus it’s mainly gonna be about his daughter.

  14. Tanjiro Uchiha says:

    Now Blade finally has a movie but we are still waiting for the RDCWORLD1 movie

  15. MC YoungBull says:


    Absolutely nobody:

    Not a damn soul:

    Punisher: “See, I didn’t know I came here to be disrespected.”

  16. Tokustar33 __ says:

    I wonder how Hawkeye is gonna feel when he realizes he’s getting a show and not a movie.????

    • sheikh coker says:

      Tokustar33 __ I like your background, and after thinking for a second realized that Mugen Rider means Infinity Rider. Thank you for the inspiration.?✌️

    • Tokustar33 __ says:

      sheikh coker Np ?? mugen kaiten no energy

  17. Noble 6 says:


    Punisher: I didn’t know I will be disrespected ….

  18. ARey 1010 says:

    Blade: don’t do that, d-don’t do that

    Punisher: I didn’t know I came here to be disrespected

  19. Keli'I Rubin says:

    “Security, security please!! I don’t wanna see Moon knight get mopped”??

  20. HoodNaruto says:

    Fun fact moon knight beat Deadpool to the point where he couldn’t regenerate

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