How Matt Damon thought we’d react to his commercial

How Matt Damon thought we’d react to his commercial

Forchune fayvers the braev.

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28 Responses

  1. Micah Shoaf says:

    Such emotion!

  2. StereoTypo says:

    Silly Matt Damon, the Romans didn’t speak English.

  3. Pluike says:

    Yay glad this video is getting some of the love it deserves, I really liked this one!

  4. Seth Bailey says:

    I love seeing other people dog on this ad.

  5. Pegaman says:

    How he instinctively checks the door when the couple about to kiss(?) each other shows up in the commercial 😂👌🏼

  6. Sean Brockest says:

    Notice that Matt never even says anything about the company, the name, the product? I honestly think he just filmed this in front of a greenscreen with no clue as to what he was going to be promoting.

    • Matt561 says:

      Then he is a fool

    • Hi, Neighbor! says:

      Yeah like all those generic mobile game ads. They just shoot a basic scene then import game footage.

    • Scott Schering says:

      The classic Mat Damon generic commercial package.. {INSERT LOGO HERE} We used to get those at the TV station.. Fully produced generic spot that we just slap a logo on the end of.

    • I Know You Know says:

      He’s an investor in the company, so he definitely knows

    • Alberto Fortuny says:

      Oh he definitely knows. He’s a huge proponent of cryptocurrencies becasue he is heavily invested in them. This is just him trying to raise the buy in so he can cash out nicely.

  7. Greg Stapleton says:

    This is sooo great!!! I’ve dogged on this commercial for so long! Sounds like a Marines commercial. But it’s crypto, for some reason. I was watching an NBA game last week and this came on and after it ended, I said, “Thanks, Matt Damon! I definitely needed that.” Then proceeded to never need that.

    • Sean Brockest says:

      It reminds me of those dodgy pharmaceutical commercials. Shows a happy family playing with a dog, then shows the name of the drug, and says “Ask your doctor”….?? WTF??? About what?

    • Greg Stapleton says:

      @Sean Brockest Oh absolutely!! I mean, it’s weird that there are medication ads anyways, but nothing that is shown had ANYTHING to do with the product. I guess their thoughts are, “Take our drug and your life will be happy.” But at least 60% of the commercial is talking about possible side-effects. And I love it when one of the listed side-effects is death. And the actors on the screen are smiling and holding hands watching a sunset. Wait, what?!?! Death!?! Haha!

  8. wafflesarecool1 says:

    Was so hyped to come across one of your videos on Reddit! I’ve been watching you for awhile and you deserve many more views

  9. Dusty Belew says:

    This ad bothers me because I’ve always heard it, “fortune favors the bold”. So when he says “brave” it gets under my skin a bit.

    • Andrew Rogan says:

      It probably makes me more annoyed than this being a commercial that’s basically glorifying gamblint

    • The JAMSpace says:

      It’s totally bold not brave. Mega fail on the writer’s part. Virgil would be rolling his eyes in his grave.

      But Fortune refers to the Roman Goddess of luck Fortuna. So that implies gambling.

    • Justin Goldsmith says:

      I say this every time. I turn the TV off every time cause I can’t stand to hear him say it.

  10. Kent Dolezal says:

    Love the mountaineering imagery. Something it takes years of training to do and has safety equipment. Brave but not stupid.

    Remember half of the death in mountain climbing happen on the decent.

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