How Microsoft buys out every gaming company

How Microsoft buys out every gaming company

I swear they are buying out every publisher these days…
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51 Responses

  1. IWNeron says:

    You made it look like EA is not greedy af 😂

  2. TrashPANDA658 says:

    Fun Fact: Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo. When they made the offer, they said that the representatives from Nintendo just started laughing.

  3. BiologicalBacon says:

    I can just imagine how Microsoft actually bought every gaming company IN REAL LIFE. (but yeah this can’t be more accurate lmao)

  4. Hostile Dodo says:

    I imagine a similar series of events takes place when Disney looks to add more Studio Stones to their Infinite Money Guantlet

  5. DodgeThatAttack says:

    Never did i think I would see the day where EA tries to AVOID money

  6. Sourav Jha says:

    It’s Hilarious To See That Only Mojang And EA Tried To Resist(Or Question Even)

  7. -Random- says:

    I love how blizzard is basically Activision’s personal zombie

  8. z says:

    I never thought I’d see the day when EA tries to save money.

  9. Pixelcraftian says:

    It’s weird how Sony’s “mascot” now belongs to XBOX, also funny how Nintendo throughout all of this just has kirby fishing to bring to the table and we love it

  10. Greg Renko says:

    Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed the video! 😁

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