How Much Do You REALLY Know About Autism?

How Much Do You REALLY Know About Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is often very misunderstood. What is it, and what causes it?
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20 Responses

  1. mebradhen says:

    First and I have Asperger syndrome!

  2. Adrian Ramirez says:

    My dog said I can have a dad if I get 69 likes

  3. Serious ReshiramBorn says:

    Shame that autism has devolved to an online insult.

  4. Gabriel N. says:

    I personally agree with you, science has proven how vaccines are not responsible for the cause of autism. Science can guarantee that fact, however I can also guarantee there will be individual’s in the comment section who will disagree with you. They will try to advocate about how there is a correlation between the two. However, in the end their minds, like their theory, will always be theoretical.

  5. Fandyus CZ says:

    3:07 I wish there were more people who say this. I suffer from Aspergers and I am socially isolated, hated, have close to no friends and almost non existent chances on ever getting a girlfriend. I am basically destined to fail.

  6. Dadogecake FTW says:

    Life noggin suggestions:

    Why do we sneeze

    Why does everything do black occasionally when we get up quickly?

    Why do people get P.T.S.D

    Why is life noggin so interesting?

    Why can’t dogs speak English?

    How do we have heart attacks?


  7. mastershaivang says:

    I got one you can talk about! Why do we have different languages?

  8. mike kleine says:

    I have autism and you aren’t accepted when you have it, I’m smart enough te become a pilot my dream job, but I can’t because i have autism, some times they treat me like I have a down syndrome, but a lot of ppl I know doesn’t even know I have autism because i don’t tell them and they can’t see on the outside if you have it or not, I don’t like to tell ppl that I have it because the are gonna treat you different or they just vanish and they never want to speak with you again…. if you read this command please, we aren’t that different from you…. please accepted us how we are, and don’t treat us different.

  9. Hana C says:

    I used to work with autistic kids at my school and a lot of people thought they were stupid but the truth is they were extremely smart and some could do better math than I could despite being 3+ years younger.

  10. Just 1qaz says:

    I think pat left the jokes out of this video and kept it more formal because he knows it will be used at schools

  11. Hudaman says:

    You should make videos about different types of surgury. You can talk about the process of brain surgury or if weight loss surgury helps fat people. Surgury might be a scary topic, but it sounds interesting.

  12. Luna Valderrama says:

    can you talk about how why we get a lump in our throat when we want to cry

  13. Zăși Lei says:

    No fidget spinner?

  14. Meerkatman says:

    Oh god…here comes the edgy kids…

  15. CompCop says:

    _I have a really good friend called_ *_Ice Poseidon_* _who has Autism._

  16. Scott Huynh says:

    *This is why I love Life Noggin*

  17. Intricate Philosophies says:

    Autism is 99% of YouTube comments on any given video.

  18. Ethan Perron says:

    My cousins autistic and holy crap that kid is smart he has a great memory and loves random facts, I love random facts but this kid will tell me random facts he learned 3 years ago, some maybe not true that I will correct him on, but he is very smart and when he wants to remember things he will. But the social thing is very true he’s very awkward walks around on his toes and always looks like he has to pee, and when he sees me he gets really excited and runs up to me grabs my shoulders and jumps around, but he’s been learning what’s acceptable and what’s not. But really he’s. a great kid and he dreams of being a scientist (that doesn’t involve math XD) thanks for reading this very long comment I just wanted to share my thoughts.

  19. Gamer Duden says:

    i just got diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome 1 month ago, and im 13. i have been non-stop bullied for 8 years and i had no idea why EVERYONE chose me over the 400 other people in the school. and now that they know i have it, they bully me even more than before since they know i am easy to harm. which makes me a bit suicidal. 🙁

  20. Swapsterr says:

    A kid in my old class had autism. We builled him everyday, it was great

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