How Much More Star Wars Do We Need?

How Much More Star Wars Do We Need?

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00:00 – intro
01:26 – Obi-Wan Kenobi
05:59 – Ahsoka
13:38 – SoFi
14:50 – Andor
20:19 – Oh Andor is really good
23:32 – Wait Andor is amazing actually
28:50 – Good vs. Bad Writing
31:03 – Conclusion

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45 Responses

  1. @Molly-555 says:

    What a strange looking young man

  2. @Krystinelle says:

    I missed you dreadfully, Drew. Feed me with content.

  3. @testingmyaudioaddiction3452 says:

    The problem with Thrawn in Ahsoka is that you have to read 9 books and watch a couple seasons of another show to really understand him and why you should be afraid of him.

    • @janjanjan1710 says:

      That’s the problem.

    • @jennacided6502 says:

      And aren’t the novels considered not canonical by Disney? That’s 9 books worth of probably really solid storytelling Disney will be happy to poop on :/

    • @janjanjan1710 says:

      @@jennacided6502 There is a canon Thrawn trilogy separate from the Expanded Universe books from what I understand

    • @alvianluthvi4138 says:

      What is this warhammer? Why would they make someone that don’t even matter at the end of the day that much effort

    • @budakbaongsiah says:

      Because Marvel made it possible, and one of it became the most profitable film ever. Of course the -vultures- other companies wanted it too.

  4. @danielhowe6238 says:

    I still can’t get over “I can’t swim,” such an incredible buildup throughout the whole arc, swelling and swelling until the breaking point, where you’re promised relief, only to be dropped so far down with one line.

    • @fatalshore5068 says:

      There is only one way out. Not a cheesy line that meant nothing. Keenoe believed it to his core by then and this showed us that. Man I love Andor

    • @awandererfromys1680 says:

      Yea, dropped together with Cassian. The look on his face when he tries to reach out to Kino…

    • @MrTevens says:

      Adds even more to his monologue about rather dying trying to escape than live as a captive forever. He knew he was never leaving that prison alive but still decided to sacrifice himself with the hope that maybe someone other prisoners will escape. The whole escape leads to what seems like only 2 prisoners escaping but without those two escaping the rebellion probably never gets the death star plans.

    • @aprilstealths says:

      That broke my heart. And Andy Serkis is always perfection.

    • @vedanshpilani1588 says:

      Andor fucking slaps

  5. @bobbygenesis7868 says:

    Im so happy this video is basically a love letter to Andor, I was apprehensive of this show because of the non knowing of the charter outside of rouge one, but my god I think it’s my favorite star wars property ever. No Jedis, no Vader, just the rebels doing actual rebel shit

    • @reaganrambles1951 says:

      100% agree

    • @sixty2612 says:

      Probably the reason Rogue One (in my opinion) was perhaps the best of the new movies

    • @16floz says:

      It’s so interesting how much people are praising andor for not being connected to the rest of the star wars universe. I agree that it’s the best and most well-written of the shows, but there’s nothing wrong with a star wars show having cameos and references to the rest of the franchise.

      That’s LITERALLY the whole appeal of an expansive fictional universe like SW I don’t see how you can be a fan and not want an SW show to reference the huge amount of canon.

      If your favorite thing about the show is that there’s no jedi or much of anything from the rest of the canon, maybe you just don’t like star wars

    • @MrTevens says:

      My worry is that since Andor’s season finale had a lower viewership than the finale of Ashoka and Mando season 3 that unless Andor season 2 does really well that Disney will see how easy it is to just continue their normal plan vs making more stuff like Andor.

    • @drawingsticks5333 says:

      Universe =/= cameo and references. As a Star Trek fan I want to see more of the universe, not have Spock shoehorned into every show.

  6. @oliviajefcoat3132 says:

    I’m glad people are finally realizing the talent of Hayden Christensen. Its very cool seeing him work on more indie stuff like Star Wars

    • @freddie6307 says:

      fellow pingu pfp 🤠🐧

    • @stemike7956 says:

      Star Wars wasn’t popular because George Lucas was a genius; Star Wars was saved on the editing floor. The prequels (which are still trash) are an example of him trying his best. He made rookie director mistakes like not cutting from a film because he felt a scene was important, so you have 45 mins of talking in chairs or pod racing that goes on far to long, cgi that does not stand up when compared to the old Jurassic Park, and Portman and Christensen acting is terrible veterans like Neeson, Lee, and Jackson should had a say on set or Lucas really shoulda got their opinions.

  7. @WiloPolis03 says:

    I genuinely love how whenever Star Wars makes a spinoff of fan favorite characters, it gets mixed or even negative reviews, and whenever it’s centered around side characters or subplots no one cared about, it’s absolutely fire

    • @atticusstark5197 says:

      Its because the giant media conglomerate monster that is Disney is WILDLY protective of their big “money-maker” IPs. You can literally see the quality of Mando decrease due to increased studio interference over the three seasons as Mando and Grogu merch began churning out cash.

    • @e-satan9032 says:

      None of Disney star wars is fire

  8. @ModishShrink says:

    So glad that the actor from Little Italy is finally breaking out into bigger roles, good for him.

  9. @jamuntae says:

    i haven’t watched a single star wars movie in its entirety yet this is so entertaining to watch! drew does a great job explaining what a lot of shows fail to do. especially if they’re action focused.

  10. @Waiting_For_You_Lia says:

    Andor is a perfect example of show don’t tell and how to treat your audience like they’re actually intelligent

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