How Much Power Do you Need To Destroy A Planet?

How Much Power Do you Need To Destroy A Planet?

Being a lifelong Star Wars fan this is a question that’s pertinent, Star Wars doesn’t care about physics but one of the few places we can invoke real science is in figuring out just how much power it takes to obliterate planets.

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20 Responses

  1. CR0SBO says:

    Spherical planets, and of course cows.

  2. Nick Kunwar says:

    Just drop my new mixtape on any planet fam!

  3. Mr Boberson says:

    What if star killer was in a binary system

  4. Kyle Hallman says:

    just create a giant robot maid with a huge vaccum to suck all the air off
    the planet to supply your own.

  5. zymethpwn says:

    That graph XD

  6. OMGIDestroyedMatter says:

    Loving the use of Universe Sandbox 2 at the end :)

  7. Erick Gauthier says:

    scout manly!

  8. CR0SBO says:

    “An Idiots Guide to Planetary Destruction.”

  9. yaksher says:

    First they have a death star, then they have a bigger death star, then they
    have a bigger death star. Plot of the next star wars movie? Destroy the
    even bigger death star, this time the actual size of a star!

  10. gFlatGreg says:

    Very nice, but I truly doubt movie-goers need any help realising that Star
    Wars: The Force Awakens is not an accurate depiction of real life. In fact,
    that’s what people like about it–the movie, and many like it, are an
    escape from dull and drab reality. There’s no reason to be ashamed in that;
    sometimes real life just isn’t fun enough.

  11. Rinluyen420 says:


  12. Andreas Wirler says:

    the movie was pretty bad, not even if you look at the physiks part because
    real physiks would not satisfay a 8 year old but the simple logical parts
    like “Fin” the Stormtrooper who is afraid of killing people but on the
    other hand has no problem killing every former commrad (by the way
    Stormtrooper are mercenarys tought by the empire –> so why the fuck do you
    become a stormtrooper when you don’t like killing!!!)

  13. Ed ash says:


  14. Christopher Hui says:

    not sure if this video is boring or cool.

  15. PeterComputer says:

    All you need is luv.

  16. Witnaaay says:

    This video is about energy,not power.

    That being said, there probably is some required amount of power as well as
    some required amount of energy

  17. OriginalTharios says:

    Actually, while it’s nowhere in the canon for Star Wars, it’s pretty much a
    forgone conclusion that “hyperspace” and pretty much every technology even
    tangentially related to it, are the result of some massive artificial
    construct which essentially creates the otherwise not naturally-occurring
    Hyperspace and such.

    This would probably have the side effect of altering baseline physics in
    “normal space” throughout their galaxy, which is why we see advanced
    technology in the hands of people who very clearly have no idea how any of
    it actually works. Literally, everything in Star Wars is essentially “I
    have no idea why, but it works when we do it like this.”

    So, once you factor that in, machines like the death star and so on get a
    pretty serious boost from having a variety of constants and the like being
    so altered.

  18. Eric Dick says:


    I imagine the Starkiller is harnessing the mass energy of the star. If the
    star they are draining in the movie is similar to the sun, there is about
    1.7E47 J available. It would only need to be able to harness one of every
    trillion joules available to be able to blow Alderaan up in spectacular

  19. Greg Artemiou says:

    another factor you are not taking into account, is the energy lost as the
    weapon fires across the galaxy.

    think of it like throwing a tennis ball. if you hit a can from 1 ft away,
    it is going to use less energy to get to the can, than a can 10ft away.
    hence more energy is going to go into the first can.

  20. Mikowmer says:

    So… All they needed to do was to drop a rock. Also a lot harder for rebel
    fighters to destroy. Well… Might not be as flashy, and the Empire did
    want to make a statement… and large rocks could be hard to come by in
    some systems…