How My Twin Brother Almost Died

How My Twin Brother Almost Died

What happened to Alex? So we tried our best to fully explain what exactly happened in the past few days at the hospital. I hope you guys understand..

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47 Responses

  1. Stokes Twins says:

    We really hope this video helped you understand what happened to Alex. Thank you guys for all the kind words and the support ❤️

  2. Kaylee Remington says:

    When I read the title I think I almost started to cry,I have been watching u guys as long as I can remember u make me laugh,smile and always give me happiness. You have a place in my heart to the point where u feel like family.
    Just wanted to point that out. ❤️❤️❤️ U!!!!

  3. ArcticPandaPro says:

    omg that happened to my brother but he died since he had no immune system 1 like equals 1 prayer for alex and from the bottom of my heart, i hope alex gets better and i thank you for sharing this with us since this takes a lot of courage to show your private life to us viewers and that shows u have a lot of trust in us. truly, i thank you alex and alan

  4. Me Me says:

    Thx god his okayyy!
    And moral lesson kids, never listen to your brothers.

  5. ChickenGoat Is My Nickname says:

    My appendix got me REALLY sick a couple months ago and i could have died… i was so scared (I was 11 at the time) but i got emergency surgery and got better quick but i remember the first thing i did when i got out of surgery and i could actually understand the world again i watched some of your videos and they made me laugh so much my mom said i had to stop watching u becuz my laughing could hurt me…. Luv u guyss <3

  6. Shae Wright says:

    Thank god alex is alive and congratulations on 1million

  7. XxDanettxX 0707 says:

    When my brother was little he had that and my mom didn’t know what it was and just thought it was just a stomach ache then someone told her that it could actually kill him so then they went to the hospital. And 2 years ago it happened to me. But we’re good and healthy now. And I hope you feel better Alex I know how you’re feeling?❤

  8. Ruqiyah Samuel says:

    Thank God Alex is okay. I was litterly crying through out this video. One I congratulate you guys for 1M subs second is that you guys are one of my favorite twins on YT. You guys are awesome!

  9. Bryson Powers says:

    Hope u get better soon Alex or Alan whoever it is

  10. Naya says:

    Even though my sister has almost died before but not from her appendix, but from her nonstop bleeding, I know how it feels. I’m so glad he’s okay, take care of each other.

  11. Kayal Roth says:

    The people who unliked this video have to no soul

  12. Tristan Tran says:

    And thank god ur good and safe and sound for real

  13. thotful af says:

    At least your brother is still alive mine is dead he died when he was little he was a baby so I was really sad but knowing I’m not the only one that made me happy ??

  14. Maurice Shamell says:

    Wow, quite an ordeal. Always always listen to your body! And over 200 dislikes?! He almost died ppl…

  15. Macy Tollefson says:

    I might have the same thing bc I have a hard time breathing sometimes and I havent felt good for the past few days, I dont have a fever and I always feel like I am gonna puke

  16. Patricia Ortiz says:

    I’m a twin too :”) i know what it feels to have a twin sick ;w;

  17. Marta Lueders says:

    Thank god Alex is alive! I’ve had friends who’d nearly died from a ruptured appendix.

  18. Emily jackson says:

    Screw the people who disliked the video, that’s just plain evil???

  19. Melissa Phelps says:

    When my sister was three she got really sick and we had to bring her to the hospital to get surgery and they pulled out a dead part of her the size of a baseball
    But she is perfectly fine now

  20. Ashley Jeong says:

    Dear god

    Please let Alex be ok and get better and i give a lot of support for you guys and i hope that you are yourself again in a couple of weeks. At night i will be praying for you because some good people deserve love

    P.S. basically the opposite of karma

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