How New Yorkers Are Coping With Coronavirus | NYT News

How New Yorkers Are Coping With Coronavirus | NYT News

With restrictions tightened on businesses and daily activity, residents are grappling with uncertainty about resources, health care and their paychecks.

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87 Responses

  1. The New York Times says:

    The New York Times is providing free access to the most up-to-date information and guidance on the coronavirus at Register with your email address to gain access.

  2. Just_Regular says:

    Just started work this year. And laid off last week. It sucks

  3. ccway 7 says:

    The sad restaurant lady is an angel – most employers dont even care. God bless her and her place

    • Curtis Btyant says:

      CadillacFleetwood68 You can always sell your Cadillac Fleetwood 68

    • MICROSOFT HQ says:

      That’s a lie if a employer doesn’t even care about the person if you need to fire people not cause you want to but have to. To keep the money going that means there losing moneu

    • Emerson Ramos says:

      True! God bless her a lot ❤️

    • Yo Bo says:

      @weavergrad I think she meant most employers who are Goliaths dont care. Like a man died alone under a forklift for Amazon, some worker just died at Costco this week, grocery store employees working on the front lines unprotected at minimum wage, largescale manufacturers who tell their workers to come in to work with the risk or not, or else lose your jobs. There is stuff happening all the country. But many are right in this section, a good many SMALL BUSINESS owners are wonderful and they very much care

    • Carson Schau says:

  4. m b says:

    The retirement part hit home. The way my mom talks about how much money she lost, she may never retire

  5. Abu Zhumagulov says:

    I want to thank all the nurses, all the doctors and everyone who works in the stores, those who take risks and those who stay home! Everyone involved 🙏 THANK YOU 🙌. I pray for you all 🕊 Love to all 💛

  6. DeadMasterDubstep says:

    funny how the government wants everyone to not work and still expect bills to be paid.

    • Makiaveli says:

      DeadMasterDubstep Im kinda amazed everyone in the US government has been one step behind through this whole thing

    • Makiaveli says:

      Malik Seven give me money society is 9 paychecks away from anarchy

    • Jennifer Pearce says:

      @Nasyitah Ali They have to be laid off to claim unemployment. Not all jobs can be done from home. Not all employees have internet access to work from home (and can’t necessarily get it right away if their home hasn’t already been hooked up) Some may have kids at home from school who would make it impossible to focus on work. It’s just not that simple.

    • Eric Rahm says:


    • Carson Schau says:

  7. Vel A says:

    All thanks to the one who started this crisis!

  8. Chivo Ramirez says:

    We will get through this, tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

  9. Junior says:

    I’m somehow coping pretty good with this. being an essential staffer gives me a way to help out so all that angst gets poured into my work. Just gonna keep at it as long as my health allows and hopefully we’ll get this city and the rest of the world moving again.

  10. Shad Yoakum says:

    That young man’s art is beautiful.

  11. Ravnar 777 says:

    Stay strong people, America will get through this, we are a resilient and generous people. Love and prayers to all affected by this.

    • Andrei Senseutchi says:

      Marshall Thompson to charities like “the trump foundation”? That are used to avoid paying taxes and launder money? Not saying it only happens in the US, but i am skeptical that those numbers, even if true are a good measurement of generosity.

    • uxnosidda says:

      Maybe like half the country. Scroll through the comments here and you’ll see folks blame people living paycheck to paycheck as their fault for “mishandling finances,” either ignorance or total lack of empathy.

    • Vick Nad says:

      ​@Marshall Thompson Oh look a butthurt American. Well Australia is ranked top for personal liberty and human rights heaps higher than the US. Also, we have good healthcare system and even those who can’t afford healthcare get treated rather than being left to die.
      Also don’t get me started on how Australia is ranked the safest country in the world cant say the same for gun-loving USA.

    • bentleyr00d says:

      @Vick Nad
      Ranked by whom?
      And no. Australia is not the safest country in the world.

      But even if it were, so what? Being ranked well on some European survey will not protect anyone from getting this virus. All your comment proved is that you are an anti-American, nationalistic dickhead.

    • Marshall Thompson says:

      @Vick Nad I wasn’t trying to insult you, it’s just that your country is the easiest to compare to the U.S. in terms of charitable contributions, unless you wanted me to use New Zealand instead. I apologize if I upset you. I do wish to educate you on the misconception of health-care workers leaving anyone under their care to die. If any patient arrives in a hospital in need life-saving procedures they will receive immediately. The doctors and nurses aren’t going to stop and ask what your insurance coverage is if you walk in bleeding to death, they’re just going to rush you to the operating room because saving your life is their job and the billing clerk isn’t going to get in the way because his degree is likely in accounting and not medicine.

  12. American Scarelines says:

    “It’s just like, totally like, insane.”

  13. Chvrlie Rose says:

    It’s honesty a bittersweet thing to able to work at a time like this. I’m grateful that I was able to keep my job during this time, but I’m scared for my safety.

  14. Slick Pickle says:

    when the money runs out people will riot in the streets and the virus will spread like wildfire

  15. Halfbreed K says:

    Coronavirus tips

    Avoid human contact
    Stay at home…….

    So basically do what you been doing for the past 10 years

    • j u n g k o o k a e s t h e t i c says:

      Alex Alex Well, obviously you’re going to have to avoid somebody who you know for a fact has the Coronavirus. And there’s a reason why the key word is MAY in the sentence of having a virus and not showing any symptoms. And, if anything every single news channel and sites and so on and so forth are saying to avoid contact with people who have the Coronavirus. So… Don’t ask me that question here 🤷🏾‍♀️, I’m just followin’ what a trusted news channel says.

    • Charles Wellington lll says:

      So true

    • Homing Ice says:

      *is at the gas station and watches as hordes of people rush into the store*

      Allllrrrighty then well a good chuck of you will catch this because the hospitals are sending infected people back out.

    • ChocolateGod says:

      @j u n g k o o k a e s t h e t i c ok seems like your very narrow minded how about you do some research and formality your own idea of what the virus is and how to deal with it then relying on news that has a chance of being fake.

    • ChocolateGod says:

      @j u n g k o o k a e s t h e t i c by avoid human contact they mean no handshakes, and anything that is contacting another person. Also don’t be touching your face if you’ve been with people recently and haven’t washed your hands with soap.

  16. Aj Christian says:

    I feel like all these years the needs of the poor, seniors, and people with disabilities were ignored by people NOT poor, NOT elderly, and NOT disabled, only to now be completely abandoned by community support networks considering, BIG SUPRISE, only those able to work as valuable human beings. Like somehow it’s my fault I’m disabled, or my neighbors are old, and so that makes us less valuable to the human race, than those able to work. Because now that those able to work, cannot, their being allowed to hoarding all the food and medicine and supplies is what’s STILL NOT HELPING US.

    • bentleyr00d says:

      Sorry, but I can’t figure out what you’re trying to say here.

    • M. Monroe says:

      I can’t sleep… I’m from the west coast. I just read your post…. I’m so sorry. I pray for you. God will make a way when there seems to be no way. Aj, God bless you!!!!!

    • Yo Bo says:

      Do not worry a brighter day is coming, people are waking up. Bernie was just the start, so even if what is going on is slowing down the momentum. Young people, reinvigorated people are following him, sprouting up, and making noise in Washington, please like native New yorker Cortez

  17. Crystal Ramdial says:

    Pray for the ones who lost their family members..

    • Primal Speak says:

      50,000 people died in the US from the flu this season (2019-2020). 400 from Coronavirus. Pray for both.

  18. LatinoMex01 says:

    The good I see in these Dark Days of this time is this is Uniting us more then ever since World War 1, World War 2 expect we are fighting up against an Invisible enemy Virus but we will Prevail,we will Fight,We will Rise because that’s what God wants us too he is the only way that we know we are safe,that we have salvation even if we do get it that Virus the enemy has created to destroy us We are working together now and that’s all that matters.I see peace in the World right now at this moment I hope it last as long as God wants it too.

  19. Sergeant Arch Dornan says:

    These people: 😷
    The people in my neighborhood: *Driving up and down the street blasting music and dancing*

  20. Homing Ice says:

    People: ew you’re a cashier at a gas station.

    Me Now: oh the irony.

    • Johnny Vivic says:

      “Hey buddy, at least I still have a job.”

      What I want to say to everyone who critized my profession.

      …actually, I wouldn’t. That’s really harsh.

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