How Not To Adapt A Movie

How Not To Adapt A Movie

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20 Responses

  1. Jakanese ジャック says:

    *cough* I like both the Anime movie and the live action *cough*

  2. King of Wakanda says:

    David Fincher is the GOAT at adapting books into films perfectly. Hopefully anime adaptations can get on track soon.

  3. Danden says:

    As someone who never saw the anime nor read the manga I really enjoyed ‘Ghost in the Shell (2017)’

  4. Spurs_ says:

    Step 1: Do not include Scarlett Johansson.

  5. MrSpockFA says:

    Hmm, I like to see this debate with Chris Stuckmann involved seeing as he’s passionate with anime.
    I still likeed Ghost in The Shell, regardless with reviews.

  6. Nicholas Steven says:

    Convinced me to go watch the anime for the first time!

  7. Per Sundström says:

    I had to walk out of the movie theatre after the intro. I went home to watch the original with my girlfriend, she liked it.

  8. Randy Guine says:

    So much to learn by listening to you !

  9. Adrian Jose De Jesus says:

    Was anyone else seriously annoyed with the fact that they didn’t even use the iconic Kenji Kawai theme in the intro

  10. Aleix Serra says:

    Ghost in the Shell (2017) has beautiful visual effects and cinematography, but part of this beauty is lost when the meaning behind the images that the original anime/manga had are ignored.

  11. Varinder Bhandal says:

    I’m I the only one who wants Edgar Wright to direct a Cowboy Bebop movie?

  12. Before The Credits says:

    Nerdwriter is so consistently great with his video essays. Setting the example for all of us other video essayists.
    I don’t generally watch animes but I have a friend who is a huge fan of them and he keeps telling me to watch this one so it has been on my “watchlist” for a while. I should really get around to watching it.

  13. Ale M says:


  14. SupremeMarioGamer says:

    In Hollywood, everything is a shade of gray or beige.

  15. BKUZ says:

    This video doesn’t make sense. It starts by saying that the anime and the live action are separate takes with different objectives, which is completely true, but then the rest of the video is constantly comparing both like if the live action movie was trying to be the anime movie, which it wasn’t.

    It should also be pointed out that Nerdwriter is completely disregarding that the anime movie and the live action movie were made in different mediums, for different audiences. What works in animation not always works in live action and vice-versa.

    Also, if you couldn’t see that scene or if some of the other scenes of the movie were too dark, then you either need to check your screen or check your eyes because they were all really easy to see.

    I like Nerdwriter’s videos but, to be honest, I think he should skip the videos about movies and focus on other material. His videos with movie analysis are always his worst ones.

  16. Filipe Gomes says:

    I think the movie is great… Love both the anime and live action… people are so fussy and pretentious nowadays

  17. Minezum says:

    I knew that this movie was going to be dumb down to the general audiencies but when in the first minutes they say they put her ghost in that shell, I knew that this was just a dumb action movie. Still I liked it as a dumb action movie but hoped that could have a deeper meaning

  18. ohigetjokes says:

    I’m so glad the Akira remake didn’t happen.

  19. sigh824 says:

    I think a common problem I’m seeing with a lot of American adaptations of foreign films like Funny Games or Silent Hill is that they move too fast and never stop to smell the flowers. They don’t seem to have confidence in the world that was created by the original.

  20. PlanetCheat says:

    Well this was a stupid essay. You only compared the parts from the first film that were done differently. You didn’t even bother exploring some of the new unique concepts the film offered.

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