How Patton Oswalt & His Daughter Are Coping With His Wife’s Passing – CONAN on TBS

How Patton Oswalt & His Daughter Are Coping With His Wife’s Passing – CONAN on TBS

When Mother’s Day rolled around, Patton did his best to help his daughter through the day. Until an old Polish woman made it weird.

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20 Responses

  1. BoredPandaNomNom says:

    he is still wearing his wedding ring

  2. Edgar Allan Poe says:

    Kudos for keeping a sense of humor. You’re the best ?

  3. Tomasz Encore says:

    He seems like such a sincere and smart person. I don’t know the guy but I
    always felt very sympathetic towards him since I learned about his tragedy.

  4. Corey “Dekkard” Miller says:

    Clearly the true comic defence for pain and suffering.

  5. Danny 310 says:

    I loved King of Queens.

  6. The Real Mc says:

    I’m almost in tears. Life can be so cruel.

  7. Down Haven Entertainment says:

    yeah, he needs a tv show

  8. Mike Rowsdower says:

    I can’t imagine dealing with that, and I hope I never have to. He sounds
    like he’s healing slowly.

  9. Erick Chicas says:

    I just remembered my Dad who passed away on December… Love you Dad!

  10. NoData says:

    I’m baffled… he takes the biggest tradegy of his and his daughters lifes
    and turns it into comedy gold. That polish woman bit was hilarious!! He’s
    an incredible person and I wish him and his family all the best.

  11. Rocky says:

    I lost my mother last year to breast cancer and the sadness still lingers
    and it will for quite sometime… Wish you all the best Patton.

  12. Cyberphobe says:

    Wow, what a fantastic person, Patton, is. Being able to take an absolutely
    tragic situation like his and still find enough light and humor to bring
    joy to the people around him is inspiring. Mr. Oswalt, you sir are truly a
    great man.

  13. Lyndsey Milligan (HealthnBeauty) says:

    I love Patton. He is hilarious!!!

  14. aliciaanne says:

    What kind of people would dislike this?!?! Seriously. I know some don’t
    like Patton because of his views on different issues but come on. Have some

  15. Austin Zolo says:

    I actually saw him do stand up not long before this happened. Nice to see
    he’s doing alright.

  16. Nichole C says:

    If he didn’t have his sense of humor and be able to laugh, he’d probably be
    in an institution, because I think this is one way he’s coping. He is still

  17. ripvanstinkle says:

    I know he’s an atheist, but God bless him. He’s a champion.

  18. Carlos Velazquez says:

    wow. i have never seen something like this. he’s taking what could easily
    be the most traumatic experience of his adult life and using it to give
    people laughter. this brought tears to my eyes and i have the utmost
    respect for patton.

  19. Rik Rocks says:

    You thought it was a Santa but it’s me Dio!

  20. Ubangi_Shmelvin25 says:

    This reminds me of something Robin Williams would do for some reason.