How Powerful Is Liberland?

How Powerful Is Liberland?

How To Start Your Own Country:

The micronation of Liberland has over 350,000 applicants for citizenship. So, we can’t help but wonder, how powerful is Liberland?

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Creating the Kingdom of North Sudan
“On June 16, 2014 – the seventh birthday of his only daughter – Jeremiah Heaton, a farmer in the US state of Virginia, planted a blue flag bearing a golden crown and four stars into the desert sands of northeast Africa.”

Liberland: hundreds of thousands apply to live in world’s newest ‘country’
“Accessible only by car via miles of winding, dusty Croatian roads, Gornja Siga – current population zero – is an unlikely testing ground for a plan to shape the world’s political future.”

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How To Start Your Own Country

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20 Responses

  1. juandeldiablo696 says:

    Liberland please leave religion out of you country!!! 

  2. miller repin says:

    20 years later liberland takes over the world

  3. dawood rashid says:


    Uhhhh I dunno, Qatar?


  4. Lucas Fekete says:

    How powerful are Special Forces.

  5. The commander says:

    How powerful is Monaco?

  6. ThePieguy321's channel says:

    My fucking god.

  7. Brooklynboi Productions says:

    **NOTE** The founder of Liberland was Liberace

  8. TheCreator 901 says:


  9. Rick Do says:

    How Powerful Is Vietnam

  10. Walter Byers says:

    You guys sure have a good sense of humor. :)

  11. Finn Hillwood says:

    Test Tube I would just like to say that your channel is amazing! I have
    been with you since about 300,000 subscribers and your channel is gotten
    more and more awesome. I have been (kind of) annoying about asking about it
    but thank you for making it. I really like your ‘how powerful’ series, it’s
    really cool. I like how you actually listen to your viewers about the
    content you make, and how you don’t just push it to the side like some
    other channels do. I like how your videos are interesting and factual,
    while not being boring or droning on. I always show my friends your videos
    (especially the how powerful). So from all the subscribers to you, thank

    – Finn

  12. Zomz Cheezy says:

    I can’t believe you guys did it. All my organs felt Wierd, especially my
    heart, lungs, and Liber :P

  13. McMuffin113 says:

    How powerful is Georgia?

  14. Gorilla Tube MC says:

    how powerful is Italy or egypt

  15. Roberto Giménez says:

    I’ll attack it and make it social democratic.

  16. Ugly Pyro says:

    How powerful is Ayy lmao?

  17. UndeadOtaku626 says:

    What about Sealand?

  18. George Cataloni says:

    Who says they will have a parliament?

  19. William Badgreen says:

    500K Congrats…