How Privileged Are You?

How Privileged Are You?

What privilege score did you get? Take the test here:

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20 Responses

  1. Alex MacSeoin says:

    How privileged are you in the USA*** I think buzzfeed needs to pay
    attention to their audience outside of America because things like this are
    worth basically nothing in other places

  2. Near .N says:

    Buzzfeed next time just put are you white are you male are you straight
    makes your whole view easier.

  3. Eyeslayer says:


  4. Nerd Swag says:

    I am a 15 year old white girl.
    I have been moved over 12 times in my life.
    I am a victim of Child Abuse and attempted murder,
    And I have raised 2 children until June of 2015.
    I am Autistic, I have no friends.
    I am bullied for my disorder.
    I am a former drug addict for 2 years,
    Hooked on Marijuana, K2, Alcohol and More
    But I am bright, I am beautiful, and I am proud.
    I consider myself privileged.
    These experiences made me stronger.
    These experiences made me better,
    And that’s the most important thing about a person- the quality of their
    I am a Mother.
    I am a former addict.
    And I am Taylor Westfall, A girl Of privilege

  5. kaykay says:

    66 Wahoo I’m 12yr old btw

  6. Roberta Trevisan says:

    I scored 27. My choices don’t please everyone. And I don’t care. This is
    related to the 27 points that I scored and the ones that I didn’t scored.
    Like, I have never lied to my parents about anything and I don’t find it
    privilege. It’s just the way I am and the person that I choose to be.

  7. Dipak Bhakta says:

    I was expecting to be in the 70’s but i got 57/100

  8. avalanche says:

    White people have an advantage. white privilege

  9. Lyric says:

    Doesn’t this kinda just make people feel bad for the way they were born

  10. Sima Kaur says:

    41/100 im 14 though so i had to answer some based on what I assume will be
    my answer if i was an adult right now

  11. kaitlyn m says:

    I got 41 which is apparently “not privileged” at all… but I disagree.
    yes, I’m pansexual and depressed and Asian and female, but I also never had
    to struggle with poverty and have supportive parents as well as a good
    education and friends.

  12. Canyon ꛳ says:

    i got 49% but i feel im a lot more privileged than that

  13. Ana Carvalho says:

    this is ridiculous

  14. Mohammad Alghunaim says:

    This is such a bad quiz lol. What if I’m an Arab living in an Arab country
    doesn’t mean I’m not privileged if I’m not white.

  15. itswmd hide says:

    I studied abroad, but because of that I was mocked for my accent, worked as
    a waitress etc. Is it really a privilege?

  16. Ariel Deleon says:


  17. Bailey Bock says:

    i got 32 and no one, including my fam, doesnt know what ive been through.

  18. SC: kekeandrews says:

    I got a 43. I’m only 16 so that should mean something

  19. clearlyyalexis says:

    I got a 68/100 but I’m 12 and my parents do the money stuff and I haven’t
    been high school, college, or had a job yet so

  20. amanda svensson says:

    yall missed mixed race and white passing in the test