How Qatar Became the World’s Most OP Country

How Qatar Became the World’s Most OP Country

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Select video clips courtesy of Getty Images

Select video clips courtesy of the AP Archive

Special thanks to MapTiler / OpenStreetMap Contributors and GEOlayers 3

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40 Responses

  1. RealLifeLore says:

    I worked really, really hard this past month on the latest episode in Modern Conflicts dealing with the terrible civil war in Yemen. It also marks the 20th episode I have published in this series, with more than 7 hours of additional combined content on other 21st-century conflicts. The best way to watch them is through the CuriosityStream/Nebula bundle deal, and they’re currently running an amazing holiday sale that makes it just $11.59 for the entire year to both sites here:

  2. Matthew Evans says:

    Would be cool to explore this concept with genuinely tiny countries – those having only a few thousand inhabitants, rather than a few million. Monaco and the Cayman Islands for instance have only around 30,000 people and yet both have a huge impact on the world by being semi-legal banks for the powerful.

    Tokelau, a tiny nation of only hundreds of people in the Pacific that literally no one has heard of, manages to own more internet domain names than the ENTIRE country of China.

    Gibraltar has even less but is the only ‘country’ that can fit its entire population in underground cave networks to survive years of siege, and nowhere in the world has endured even half as many sieges as Gibraltar – especially considering that not a single siege actually managed to take it since it was properly founded by the UK.

    While Caymans and Gibraltar are technically colonies, they are self-governing and have unique cultural identities and so it is not much of a stretch. In fact doing a series on colonies would be awesome to see too!

  3. Mustafa Sahid Mahamoud says:

    Reallifelore is really knocking out of the park with these geopolitical videos lately. Keep them coming!

    • pyropulse says:

      they are general information mixed with good edits and good graphic overlay. But the information is super basic, and you can just read Qatar’s Wikipedia page and basically get all this information

      A lot of these types of channels literally just do that, with the script coming directly from a Wikipedia page

    • ᵂ ᴴ ᴬ ᵀ ˢ ᴬ ᴾ ᴾ +¹(⁸ ⁶ ³)⁸ ⁸ ⁸-¹ ² ⁹ ⁴ says:

      *I agree with you 👆👆👆Message me for more information.*

    • That1Guy says:

      @99% It comes from Baseball, where “knocking it out of the park” means that a baseball player hit the ball so hard it went out of the park and they get an automatic home run.

    • 99% says:

      @IG oh ok thanks just never heard of it before

    • IG says:

      @99% Basically it’s slang for doing something really well.

  4. Jeff Atterbury says:

    Great video! I feel so much smarter after I watch your channel. It’s like I’ve heard of things in a general sense, but then I watch a video from you, and it all suddenly starts fitting together in a big picture way. Thank you!

    • skp says:

      @megalonoobiac inc I watch and consume information from a variety of sources but being aware of their biases is important.

      Real Life Lore NEVER criticises American exceptionalism, the EU or generally any supranational organisations like IMF, UN, WTO, NATO or world bank or even highlights their role in issues that it discusses.

      It would be too reductive to call it sinophobic or anti russian… But I would certainly say it is ADAMANTLY anti multi polarity.

      It’s not the only channel that I’ve noticed this from… Johnny harris who’s videos I enjoy also had the same slant but I chalked it up to his previous employment at NATO but it turns out the WEF was funding his videos.

      Most news sources usually have a political or national bias (BBC, AL JAZEERA, CNN, FOX ECT) but these YouTube channels operate across borders and different political realities so what slant could be present? A global one.

      Just write China on YouTube, or Turkey… And you’ll see several videos denigrating those govts, foreign policy ect all uploaded within weeks of eachother nothing by these channels on Moldova, Bolivia or other diplomatically inert nations.

      I’m not saying theyre given scripts ect but wendover, real-life lore, Simon’s whistler ect have several channels which they upload twice a week on each… That’s like 2 TV shows a week… Editing, script writing, research and filming across multiple topics for a global audience… That requires funding and funders expect a certain standard.

      Just watch out! Even TLDR which is a channel I really love held an EU line of not criticising Frances Africa policy…. They instead focused on the Italian prime minister being a racist.

      We know the Italian pm is a facist but she broke EU protocol and publicly stated Frances neocolonial practises in Africa were enriching France but causing misery in Africa and nations like Italy to take on thousands of economic migrants.

    • megalonoobiac inc says:

      @skp in what area would you say the bias is worst? Being neutral in the absolute sense is extremely tough in this day and age, considering how the internet is out phasing authoritative news sources rapidly.

    • skp says:

      Watch out this channel is biased.

    • Michele Siciliano says:

      @what-sap+⓵ ⓶⓵⓷-⓷⓪⓶-⓼⓶⓶⓵ fake

  5. Sandeep subhash Abhyankar says:

    The amount of effort you put into these videos is amazing – keep up the good work!

    • fhirvhdy g5gjyefhitzaphgbiuojhv says:

      @Woodduck I use to watch more before, now rarely

    • fhirvhdy g5gjyefhitzaphgbiuojhv says:

      @Magic Marker many subscriber doesn’t equal good quality, there are a lot of examples. Maybe he was good in the beginning , but now he is just clickbaiting and exagerating obvious things

    • Woodduck says:

      @fhirvhdy g5gjyefhitzaphgbiuojhv If you hate his stuff so much then why are you watching?

    • Magic Marker says:

      @fhirvhdy g5gjyefhitzaphgbiuojhv Do you think he would have this many subscribers if people didn’t think he was good? He does lots of research as well as fitting it altogether very well.

  6. Inyourbox3000 says:

    These videos just keep getting better and better. Thank you for what you do! 👏

  7. Albert Polak says:

    You strike an extraordinary balance between a clear and concise description of the events and personal opinion. Many in your place would simply settle to be the next regular upload-popular-repetitive-narrated Wikipedia article-channel.
    I very much appreciate the risk you’re taking by taking a firm stance on some of these issues, while not letting it overpower the videos. Well done and thank you.

  8. joe g says:

    I spent 6 months living in a tent at Al Udeid air base back in 2003. It was actually pretty nice. Thought I’d be going to Iraq but got lucky😂 Doha was nice too. Got to go a couple of times a month shopping, eating or whatever. Went to the mall a lot. Oh and a beach at some hotel. I think they even had fishing trips you could go on 😂

  9. Wendys says:

    I have such respect for your engaging journalism on important topics that I feel ashamed for not knowing about. Thank you for making this information accessible and even entertaining!

  10. PsychoLogical says:

    could you try making a vid on the topic of Korea’s population problem and the various factors on why the problem exists?

    • ridinwithjake says:

      Korea doesn’t have a population problem. 😊

    • High Council says:

      Generally speaking it’s Korea’s work culture South Korea has a toxic work culture similar to that of Japan’s or China’s that Demands a lot of time from its workers leaving very little time to date or have children South Koreans also work just as hard as their parents and make less money Child Care is expensive and they don’t have the money

    • W T says:

      You can watch videos by “Explained with Dom” which covered not only South Korea, but virtually all of East Asia and their dim future.

    • Goldy says:

      @Sean Stansbury lmao

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