How Racist is YouTube? | Decoded | MTV News

How Racist is YouTube? | Decoded | MTV News

Franchesca Ramsey:
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Last week, Franchesca was at VidCon talking about race, representation, and stereotypes within the Youtube community. Despite having a large viewership from people of color, Youtube contains a very low number of representation for people of color, often ending in racial humor and stereotypes. From Youtube comments to police brutality, find out what the people of VidCon had to say.

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20 Responses

  1. Raphael Oliveira says:

    Miles Jai and Kat Blaque!!!

  2. Isaiah Goltara says:

    This is fucking dumb

  3. Zumbi Dos Palmares says:

    Hey look! Black people race baiting! What else is new?

  4. Adrianolism says:

    ㊙ Nigger.

  5. pixledemon says:


  6. Deputy Weld says:

    What’s MTV?

  7. Zimen Griffin says:

    MTV clickbait.

  8. EP Patriot says:

    Stereotypes, “Oh that’s so gay”. This is America. Everyone has the right to
    say whatever they want. 

    • Ze4os says:

      And this “everyone” can be judged by everyone else for it equally. This is
      equally contained in this amendment.

  9. CJ Stone says:

    +wasabiroots You’re absolutely right.
    And I would take it a step further and remind people that “white” simply
    means light skin, it’s not a race per se but a descriptive word.. The
    concept of whiteness as a race is a Nazi concept that for whatever reason
    was adopted by the US Government in the Census. Light skinned people who
    identify as East Asians, Arabs, Semitic Jews, Latinos, Indians, etc… are
    white. Europeans do not own an exclusive patent on being light skin.
    White/Light/Pale skin is just more prevalent in Europe.

    And people who say “Caucasian” is being just as racist as saying “MongIoid”
    or “Negrold” …. If you mean European-Americans, by all means say that…
    if you mean Asian-Americans or Latino-Americans, etc just say that.

  10. Nina Boseggia says:

    I really like Patricia Bright, and Alilah !

  11. Nasse83 says:

    So the MTV news channel is basically just a black rights promo channel?

    I don’t give a rats ass about what color you are but the white devil shit
    gets really old really fast and is as racist as the National word shit. 

  12. Wisdom Unknown says:

    look at all these niggers

  13. Lola Grey says:

    Just wanted to post here that I am NOT gonna read these comments.


  14. TheeKatsMeoww says:

    Love that you covered this topic. Absolutely necessary. My only critique is
    the usage of “People of Color” when the discussion was actually Black
    focused. A whole video focused how YT is racist against Black folks- Love!
    We need that conversation. But it’s misleading to other people of color
    watching that you’ll bring up their lack of representation on YT or the
    type of comments other POC face in the comments section.

    Overall, great video. I just think we would all benefit from a more focused
    discussion when it comes to race/racism bc POC encompasses many people
    w/different experiences. 

  15. Tyrion Lannister says:

    No one gets to choose what race they are or what gender, but they do get to
    choose the type of person they’re going to be.

  16. sciphi722 says:

    I have so many, but I’ll try to keep it short:

    Community Channel
    Jackie Aina
    The Third Pew

  17. Mystery Gaming (PointlessGaming) says:

    Etika World Network and KSI

  18. garrettthurman21 says:

    The media wants us to feel bad for black people but they often put
    themselves in bad situations 

  19. aequitasification says:

    Didn’t notice she was black until she mentioned race…

    “Oh look, let’s focus on something that separates us and makes us