How Rappers Be In The Studio Doing too much on the Ad-Libs

How Rappers Be In The Studio Doing too much on the Ad-Libs

man I promise some rappers be just saying anything on they adlibs ??Like,Comment,And Tag some friends and rappers!

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53 Responses

  1. Mr Polar says:

    0:23 my mans sound like a zombie from bo1 I’m weak ☠️

  2. Wavy Davy Jr says:

    RDCworld1 is by far the funniest group on the internet ???

  3. NiSoFly says:

    Guy went from ad libs to spitting a whole new track

  4. MCFresh13 says:

    First dude with that Mortal Kombat ?
    Second dude with the Neko sound ?
    Third dude turned opera and shut the whole thing down ???

  5. Fading_UDT says:

    He said
    “Dirk! Oh damn he don’t play…LUKA”

  6. XOTheOverdose says:

    Once I seen the last dude, I knew it was about to be the funniest part. ?

  7. roland well says:

    “in the fast lane”

    Starts having Vietname flashbacks ?

  8. Harper Sparrow says:

    ‘ somebody call an ambulance’ im weakkkkkkk???

  9. Victor Mays says:

    Low key if they make an actual track out of this thang you already know people gonna be bumping this in the car???

  10. JIMARIO THE Saiyin DERP says:

    I got the heat
    ??*He got the heeeeaaaaat*?? lol my boy went straight church chorus

  11. fuKid Beats says:

    Dude that drives Honda Civic at 3am: 0:07

  12. CallMeStatic says:

    “I went from rags to riches”

  13. Dekumo says:

    Desmond always sounds so angry?. And Leland over here saying Nyah

  14. Nkegoa Ekokobe says:


    Absolutely No One:

    Not Even A Soul:

    Leland: *NYAHHH*

  15. Sam Di Piazza says:

    Please make How Lebron felt after not making the playoffs.

  16. Solo4l1fe says:

    “ A quitter made the word impossible” – Mark

    Y’all really came a long way and that inspire me to become a Youtuber ??

  17. Syr456 says:

    the 3rd dude about to start preaching the gospel XD

  18. Shiota says:

    Why everybody calling Aff ‘last dude’ or ‘3rd dude’ put respect on his name lol

  19. Hype MyNizzle says:


    *He wasn’t getting on the song after he said that.*

  20. 麦Mugiwara says:

    0:24 did he just start of with “NYAAH”?

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