How Sacha Baron Cohen Snuck Ali G Into The Oscars

How Sacha Baron Cohen Snuck Ali G Into The Oscars

One of the biggest stories to come out of this year’s Oscars was Sacha Baron Cohen’s surprise appearance as his Ali G character while onstage as a presenter with Olivia Wilde. Check out more of the story here:

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20 Responses

  1. Dick Trickle says:

    ali g was his only good character honestly

  2. royhatts1 says:

    Did people really find this so controversial? I think I saw this part and I
    figured it was scripted, seemed fairly tame.

  3. Down Under Gamer says:

    Champion, absolute champion

  4. Hugh Jainus says:

    99% of the people don’t know who Ali G is. Bullshit. lmao, totally wrong.

  5. Supreet Sahu says:

    He has balls of steel!

  6. Angad Sharma says:

    Now that’s show business

  7. HufftyPuffty says:

    An actual human being, with a sense of humor, in hollywood?? Holy fuck, do
    my eyes deceive me

  8. WilliamRayWalters says:

    And the Oscars have no issue putting the clip on their website eh? I think
    the whole thing was planned and that the Oscar people knew.

  9. Rikuddo Sennin says:


  10. Big Ricky says:

    He was more funny than what Chris Rock did all night.

  11. Jay Patel says:

    lol I love how after getting Chapelles approval its final

  12. Michael Creed says:

    Swear to god in the last interview I seen about this Sacha said he ran the
    joke by Chris Rock not Chapelle.

  13. Ar Con says:

    I forget how good an interviewer Howard Stern is sometimes. Props to Cohen
    for his big brass balls.

  14. Robin S says:

    Of course he stole Olivia Wilde’s lines, she ended up saying nothing on
    stage. Wonder if she is pissed :)

  15. bob blow says:

    sacha should be the spoke person for jewish people.

  16. Matt Britzius says:

    Olivia Wilde ftw.

  17. Berta Lovejoy says:

    Sacha should have gone out as Ali G and Chappelle should have gone out as
    Clayton Bigsby.

  18. qxANGELxp says:

    I would suck his dick too guys.

  19. pandemic7 says:


  20. 951matthew951 says:

    that was the best line of the night… the only funny moment