How Serious is the Coronavirus? Infectious Disease Expert Michael Osterholm Explains | Joe Rogan

How Serious is the Coronavirus? Infectious Disease Expert Michael Osterholm Explains | Joe Rogan

Taken from JRE #1439 w/Michael Osterholm:

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  1. Spencer Smith says:

    Main takeaway: don’t smoke, don’t be obese.

  2. George Knox says:

    “The business community should wake up” lol good luck

    • Barney Fife says:

      Jason That ol time PROTESTANT WORK ethic! 🙄.

    • Jack The Rappist says:

      As we say in french ;
      It will be done willingly or forced

    • Michael Jordan says:

      Jason – That’s the kind of place I’d like to work at. Unless you’re over 60 with preexisting conditions, get to work. Continue to wash your hands frequently and use Clorox wipes.

    • Barbara Eaton says:

      @Krisztián Nyuzó I think he meant that producing a huge percentage of essential medical equipment (such as saline bags) in one plant in a place that gets hurricanes is stupid. But businesses only care about that bottom line and will continue production where the profit is maximized. A plant being lost to a natural disaster is likely covered by insurance or at least becomes a write-off – so don’t count on business doing the right thing. This is something government will have to do.

  3. TheBlashMusic says:

    *This dude looks like Reviewbrah in 50 years*

  4. The Man Himself says:

    Finally a good excuse to avoid large groups of people

  5. Sekoms says:

    “You know we are…. not prepared at all” – Michael Osterholm

  6. Kaleb Bruwer says:

    The reason we’re low on toilet paper is that every time someone sneezes 50 people crap themselves.

  7. grygrskls says:

    The fear about the virus is how quickly it would deplete our resources if enough people contracted it. It also exacerbates cardiac and respiratory issues which is a big part of the deaths that have happened.

  8. rikidoni24 says:

    I’m from Italy and a lot of people took it lightly, now we are on lock down, media told at first that only older people had this problem, that is just partly true, everybody who has already existing diseases (even diabetes) is at very high risk, now there are many people intubated and in close monitoring in hospital from 20 yrs up even without existing causes.
    Here in Italy beds in hospitals are becoming really few, if they finish it means that if anybody has a condition/accident they cannot be attended and they will die.
    America not having free healthcare is gonna have a big problem, people with simptoms are gonna go to work because they can’t afford healthcare hoping it’s just a normal flu, the problem there is that people are gonna get it and then gonna pass it to others, younger people are gonna pass it probably as a normal flu, problem is if you pass it to your parents/grandparents/people with poor immune sistem (diabetic/kemio patients ecc) they are at a very high risk.
    I’m writing all of this because here it’s already happened, people used to laugh at this possibility but now it’s reality, we cannot exit our house if not for groceries or to go to the hospital, and if police finds you out without a valid cause you risk a fine and detention, schools and university are closed.
    Please if you read this be safe and don’t take it lightly.

    About my statement on the US Healthcare: there are 33 millions people without healthcare and 44 millions under insured, the cost of the test is really expensive, an Italian singer took the coronavirus test and had to pay 3.2 thousands dollars, I’m not saying that your Healthcare sucks, I’m saying that experts are worried about these 77 million, because getting tested is very expensive and a lot of people will think twice before spending the money.

    • rikidoni24 says:

      @The Pander Bear I really hope so, I know that if you have enough money the health care is top notch, my dad had to get surgery in Florida and luckily the company who he works for paid for all that or we would be broke.
      People do not understand, all I am trying to say is just be careful, in Italy we downplayed it, our government wasn’t prepared but I hope you are. You are already taking security measures that we took too late.

    • Mimi says:

      rikidoni24 this is why we need Medicare for all

    • Milan Radovich says:

      @Hypogonadism do you want me to fucking go live on the bottom of the ocean? So you think living in isolation will help ppl. No man. I will be right in the middle of it telling everybody the truth so maybe one or 2 souls can be saved from the continuous psychological warfare.

    • Larry Brent says:

      My government put everyone in prison and we’re happy about it! Go vote for another Mussolini you dumbshit. This doctor is a hack. This virus is nothing but media hype. SARS and MERS were deadlier strains of the same virus but they didn’t shut down whole countries abd those viruses burned out in a year after killing very few.

    • Kristopher Gifford says:

      Healthcare isn’t free! It is never free! It is not free anywhere in the world! Healthcare also isn’t a human right and do you know why it isn’t a human right??? YOU CANNOT FORCE A PERSON TO BE A DOCTOR OR A NURSE AND YOU CANNOT FORCE THEM TO PERFORM A SERVICE WITHOUT BEING PAID!!!!!!! IF YOU DON’T HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE THAT IS ON YOU NOT ON ME!

  9. Victor Dell says:

    Look around you for more REAL information…This expert is telling you the TRUTH…

    This is only the beginning of this pandemic…

    • Jaytheprojector 16 says:

      Still an epidemic, when theres a case not connected to China or originated from there then it becomes a pandemic

  10. Tengu3000 says:

    “My job isn’t to scare you out of your wits, it’s to scare you into your wits.” – End video – nice cut there Joe

  11. Von Solo says:

    Bill burr is somewhere saying .. “ it’s only gonna take out the weak”

  12. Illidanek says:

    So basically, be healthy and don’t ever expect the government to prepare and appropriately react to crises.

  13. Aubrey says:

    I feel like Joe’s channel is the only place I trust with “news”.

  14. Waffles says:

    Smokers die from Coronavirus.

    There’s still hope for you Joe Hogan.

    • Harriscandoit says:

      @Curtis Tisfuckingberger Smoking weed does not weaken or damage the lungs. Not unless you smoke a remarkable amount. Tobacco products (thay are barley 50% tobacco) do an insane amount of damage no matter how much you smoke. Same goes for vaping .

    • Curtis Tisfuckingberger says:

      @kezzler CBD oil is

    • Curtis Tisfuckingberger says:

      @xSwissy LOL your immune system is weakened by them flu shots and vaccinations I’m a living example of that I was in the military for nine years and every year I was sick I got out in 2000 and I haven’t even been to the doctors I haven’t even taken an aspirin and I haven’t been sick in over 20 years your immune system will catch up to you for vaccinations and flu shots good luck

    • Curtis Tisfuckingberger says:

      @xSwissy I was just fucking around about weed being the cure. But I’ve been smoking weed since 1984 non stop even in military shit the military is where I got the good drugs

  15. 1nto The Fray says:

    😂😂😂😂that last part made me laugh

    Joe: “you’re making me nervous”

    Scientist: “well now we need to make people not nervous”

    Joe: “wHaT? It’s too late!”😅🤦🏻‍♂️

  16. Temmy Maldonado says:

    “This is gonna be a Coronavirus winter.” in other words, winter is coming. Cue the music…

  17. Mert 03 says:

    Joe rogan: doc, have you tried DMT for coronavirus?

  18. Donatas Simkus says:

    1:50 – the most important message that prediction is of 480+k people could die in 3-7months. Could be 10-15x worse than seasonal flu.

    • Dr Chef says:

      Nothing but fear mongering and y’all eating it up. The same media that pushed 3 years of a hoax, partisan impeachment is now telling us the truth about the coronavirus? Get your heads on straight people

    • TheGuy says:

      @Dr Chef truth!

    • Rose Stewart says:

      @TheGuy he’s talking about just the US. 61,000 Americans die from influenza last year. so 600k to 900k deaths from CoVID-19 just in the US.

    • TheGuy says:

      @Rose Stewart bad, yeah. Still not as horrific as all these people causing a panic make it seem as it would be old people and chronically ill people.

    • C K says:

      swine flu killed 575k people, I barely heard about it… in 2009

  19. The Ark-Ham Sandwich says:

    “I’m not here to scare you… So here’s what we should do”

    *cuts video*


  20. Kris Tucker says:

    Joe: “Are we prepared for this?”

    Guest:”we are!……….


    NOT prepared at all

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