How Short Songs Are Starting to be

How Short Songs Are Starting to be

bro why are artists making they songs so short like what is going on!

Link to the beat! It’s fire! :

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44 Responses

  1. Ayo Adeyemi says:

    That’s true, I even seen rappers on Spotify leaving 1 minute gaps of silence in their songs? search water team by Yung Bans on Spotify

  2. Mark Smith says:

    How this new generation rappers sound now ???

  3. Im Syntic says:

    You should’ve wrapped it up as soon as the beat dropped that was too long??

  4. Living Legend says:

    Post this on sound cloud bet it gets at least 1k plays

  5. Kern Rodriguez says:

    Better than half the bums featured in this years XXL Freshman class. ??‍♂️

  6. Troy Scar says:

    In a few years it’s just gonna be a syllable per song.

    *beat starts*
    *song ends*

  7. Taliyah Washington says:

    He didn’t even finish the full word??

  8. Shiux says:

    If you press read more your a savage

    Nice now u have 10 years of good luck like to active ??

  9. yalla jalla says:

    These guys can turn 15 seconds of rap to 15 000 bucks easy

  10. Christian Fernandez says:

    Can you guy do the black avengers 4
    Like if you agree

  11. Xxmakaylalovesyouxx Xxmakaylalovespuppysxx says:

    Why was that fire

    Oh wait it’s because it’s RDCworld1

  12. Ben Marshall says:

    Too lazy to write enough lyrics so that the whole song just ain’t the chorus playing over and over

  13. Kishimo Hosake says:

    He said a 15 second rap is kind of long am done ?????

  14. No31 says:

    “im back in this bitch im back in this bi-“

    thats straight fire tho ngl

  15. Errol Harris says:

    Why was YBN Nahmir song “Opp Stoppa” the very next video to play?

  16. TrayBanz Alexander says:

    This is so true, like what happened to 3-4 minute songs fr now a days it’s 3.4 seconds but still be fire ????

  17. notanotheryoutubechannel Myrie says:

    Because they barely spit a whole verse and no chorus just less than 16 bars shit not even 12 bars
    Edit: congrats on trending in the top 10 lets go #rdcarmy

  18. JK LITTBOIH says:

    Producer: that’s a great snippet

    Rapper: A snippet that’s the end off the song

  19. MusicBankTv says:

    For the 3% reading this, i hope you become successful in everything you dream of and accomplish more than you had imagined. My dream is to become a successful African artist.

  20. Conscious Beats says:

    5 seconds later :

    *Lil pump*
    50 million views

    _Me_ : *MOTHER FUC-* ?

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