How small a hole can a mouse get through? Experiments.

How small a hole can a mouse get through? Experiments.

Experimenting with how small a home a mouse is able to fit through. But it didn’t go as planned. I had a lazy mouse, and a hard working invading shrew.

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41 Responses

  1. Early Ehlinger says:

    Looks like you tamed a shrew.

  2. littlebrother82 says:

    I’ve never seen imperial measurements like 9/14ths and 8/12ths, I feel like this was a bit of mocking humour.

  3. Maxima says:

    Id be more worried about those big spiders like the one early in the vid and the one at 4:50ish…..

  4. SpiderLancerIX says:

    2:34 Spider runner.

  5. Tom Nally says:

    Love the sound effects!

  6. iamanon4u says:

    The sound made this an 11/10. You should have a TED talk on how sound effects improve the quality of experiments.

  7. We know says:

    I personally realllllllllllly didn’t like the sound effects

  8. daves465 says:

    The problem is that those holes were metric, and the mice are imperial.

    The fit was so tight that every time they went through the hole some poop was squeezed out of the little critters.

  9. Petri Lopia says:

    Sound effect were spot on πŸ˜€ Good job!

  10. Rockin Guy says:

    Wow! Did you have this outside?

  11. magicrobharv says:

    This video reminds me of squirrels when they try to get into a birdhouse. Sometimes, they’ll chew the whole wider and wider and so they can fit in. Then they kick the birds out make it their own house. That’s why bird houses have hole protectors to prevent the squirrels from chewing the whole bigger. Great video!

  12. aekhome says:

    I’ve never showed my wife a Wandel video before. She laughed so much she cried, and afterwards said Β«BUT WHY?!Β»
    Don’t mind her, she never understood nerding …

  13. Chris's Tech Box says:

    2:36 spiderrrrrrrrrrrrr

  14. themaskedcrusader says:

    the ASMR in this video is disturbing.

  15. Spencer Teolis says:

    it looks like it left a little marker to count how many times it’s been in each box

  16. Legit Nz says:

    those sound affects were awful

  17. Patrick Meaden says:

    The sound affects scare me

  18. MemesAreFriendsNotFood says:

    Came for the mouse, stayed for the sound effects

  19. glenjamindle says:

    This is why I log on to the internet every day

  20. Mike_ X says:

    Does the depth of the hole make a difference?

    • Ashley Sanchez says:

      Mike_ X do you mean more tunnel like as opposed to shallow? I think it would be harder for them to go through a deeper, smaller hole, especially since it’s made out of wood. If it was like a burrow outdoors, they could easily grip on dirt and mud and stuff. Shallower holes require less effort, and less of a risk of getting stuck midway through. If they were to get stuck, they could easily push/pull their way out since they aren’t wedged completely in a deeper hole.

    • Evil Goku says:

      Ashley Sanchez huh

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