How Small Of A Hole Can My Cat Fit Through?

How Small Of A Hole Can My Cat Fit Through?

Little Willies, YouTube pay me much less during virus time support me on Patreon please so I can keep torture my cat


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48 Responses

  1. Andrew Micallef says:

    “The reward for making it through that is an entire hotdog”

    idk what it is about this sentence and the visuals involved, but it feels so blursed that I’ve been giggling for far longer than is considered normal for a sane human being

  2. TheRealAlpha2 says:

    “How has the quarantine effected you?” I’m an artist, so litterally no difference. Strange that he’s not the only person I’ve seen with this facial hair Jeremy over at Achivement Hunter did the exact same thing, too. Is this an epidemi… oh, right.

  3. CowsRbeefy says:

    “No gross jokes” “here’s a whole hot dog” you’re killing me over here will

  4. Olf Mombach says:

    Seeing everyone being bored and chilling at home while my University is just straight up bombarding us with tasks

    • MegaBlair007 says:

      I mean you can chill if u want, just doo it it’s not like real school, economy sucks anyways you’ll never find a well paying job, so chill out you’re young, school sucks anyways. Do not listen to the angel

    • Paradise says:

      … Is what? You’ve just written half a sentence. Did you forget the last part?

    • Olf Mombach says:

      @MegaBlair007 Nah bro this ain’t school, it’s university, if you fail here you just waste time of your life lol no one’s gonna help me here

    • Olf Mombach says:

      @Paradise chill lmao

    • Sparksy Cat says:

      Hah I had my exams cancelled so this is just a suuupppeerr loooonnggg holiday :))))

  5. Tiago Câmara says:

    Will: “How has your isolation and self quarantine been going?”

    Me: “My mom died of the “Plague.””

    Will: “That’s really cool and exciting!”

  6. Nut Chunder says:

    “send me your ugly facial hair”
    *grabs ziplock bag*

  7. snakes are pretty cool if you ask me says:

    6:37 something about that little pop noise followed by half-hearted cheering gets me every time

  8. Reck says:

    “eccentric engineer and his caretaker torture their cat for 10 minutes”

  9. City Bricks says:

    Here’s an idea for beard: instead of one stripe, make the entire beard striped

  10. Dr John Zoidberg says:

    William: “We need a better motivator”
    Me: *”Fire.”*

  11. Romeu Capela sa says:

    I imagine the amount of people without beard sending him photos sonse he said to only shave there

  12. Everything Kinda Sucks says:

    My quarantine has left me severely depressed and scared
    “That’s really cool and exciting!”

  13. heyopc says:

    Will looked less homeless when he didn’t have a home

  14. Harthome says:

    William: “How’s your self isolation?”

    Me: “I hate everything….”

  15. small penis says:

    Will: How has your quarantine been? You have 5 seconds
    Me: I want to die
    Will: That’s really cool and exciting!

  16. A.A.Ron Davis says:

    The weirdest part for me is the fact you kept trying to feed your cat A WHOLE HOTDOG.

  17. kuskus says:

    0:24 “How has your quarantine been going? I give you five seconds”

    I really want to die.

    “That’s cool and exciting!”

  18. CDJRose says:

    “Ok, now the cat can’t escape”

    Me, having owned cats and seen them jump straight up onto the top of bookshelves: Bahahahahaha

  19. Tangerine says:

    Normal Person: “make the barrier taller”

  20. stella rose says:

    Will: is he over weight

    Also will 10 seconds later: feeds him a literal hotdog

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