How Smart Are You? (TEST)

How Smart Are You? (TEST)

Are you actually a genius? Test your intelligence.
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Are You Smarter Than Average?

Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown
Written by: Rachel Salt, Greg Brown & Mitch Moffit
Illustrated by: Max Simmons
Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot

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Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).

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101 Responses

  1. World History With Dan says:

    I am not smart… ;.;

  2. Jordan Ugo says:

    passed every one! who else?

  3. I’m Your Friend says:

    I watch Rick and Morty so by default I have an iq exceeding 270

  4. Ilana says:

    I got the Emotional Intelligence test wrong; as I thought the man was amused :’

  5. World History With Dan says:

    When you are able to get these test *but in reality* you know you will fail your next real test.
    *A lot of this has to do with how I should be studying but instead I am lost in an endless youtube loop*

  6. Aaron Glisson says:

    I got all these right! By the way, this video should be shown to teachers.

  7. ThnksFrTh TwentyØnePhallØutDiscøs says:

    I passed all of them except the emotional one…makes sense

  8. Clorox Bleach says:

    I already i know i’m dumb af.

  9. Cristian Kimura says:

    If you didn’t get the pitch one right natural selection is comming for you

  10. QuantumOverlord says:

    I will just say this. The IQ test is constantly bashed as being unreliable, inaccurate or useless. This may be politically correct or convenient but it isn’t true. IQ or its modern name g (general intelligence) is the single most inheritable psychological characteristic which is pretty amazing since its an artificial construct. IQ is also the best predictor of salary, risk of criminality, even health in old age. On the other hand there is little evidence that ‘multiple intelligence’ has much utility at all, although it might be a more comforting idea. I should point out that despite all this IQ is misused and people do use it for pointless ego stroking because ultimately while IQ is a good predictor for future success its still just potential. Unrealised potential is no good to anyone (and people that brag about being in mensa are basically just advertising how they have wasted their own potential such that they have no other achievements than happening to be lucky at birth). Also online IQ tests are nonsense, they are not psychologically valid but they are ego commercialized.

    • QuantumOverlord says:

      Actually yes, identical twins brought up in different environments have surprisingly similar (indeed eerily near identical) IQ scores. Like I say though in the very earliest stages of life adult IQ may be more susceptible to the environment. So yes, for very young children adult IQ can be significantly affected. But the ability for the environment to influence adult IQ diminishes very rapidly with age. By the teenage years the effect of the environment on fluid intelligence is negligible.

    • Erica Davies says:

      doodood60 I feel like most of what they said was their opinion

    • Blugale Doh says:

      Multiple intelligence seem legit. IQ is relative not absolute but it is useful if done properly.

    • Shield S. says:

      1. Yes some races have higher iq than others it has been shown, maybe pc is blinding you but to say that it is impossible for people with differing ethnicity/dna to have different average intelligences is stupid. There are subtle differences between ethnicities. HOWEVER this does not mean that you know anything about someones iq through skincolor. Differences between individuals is incomparably higher than the differences between races. To make predictions based on that IS just simply racist.
      2. It is easy to suppress the development of intelligence but it is unbelievable hard to raise it. Malnutrition lack of childhood education and etc are detrimental to iq development. That is the biggest reason why iq has been steadily rising. Also our culture is getting a lot more used to abstractions which is important when measuring iq.
      3. As someone said above it is hard to create difference between adopted twins. To create a difference of 15 in iq you need to put one in the top 95% and the other in the top 5% of socioeconomic status in the adopted family. That’s the average difference between high school graduate and college graduate.
      4. To say that iq is designed towards privileging white people is dumb and actually racist. It is the basic racist presupposition that the difference between groups is bigger than differences between individuals. And saying that the test is favouring one is saying there is so much difference between blakc and white people you can make a test that favours one heavily.
      5. Iq has very high statistical validity and reliability. The standard error of measurement is about three points. Look it up if you can’t understand it is getting too long here.
      6. Iq and consciousness are the two single best predictors of job success and education. The correlation is about 0.5. That’s better than anything in psychology ever.
      7. Of course wealthy people’s kids have higher iq. Think about what got them there. It’s not only luck. Also the chance that they mistreat their child or let it miss out any significant part of their development is mich lower than with poorer parents.

  11. Justifyed Mattitude says:

    Are you smart or stupid? Simple answer. Are you conservative or liberal?


  12. Professor Politics says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I’m not the only one who thought the emotional intelligence question was showing amusement instead of embarrassment.

  13. Hey Day says:

    I got everything except the emotional one.

    Seems logical.

  14. Dean Natuno says:

    *I only failed in the Emotional Quotient test*
    Damn, I need to socialize.

  15. Jean-De-Foi says:

    I’m a smart noodle

  16. Science with Katie says:

    A bit suspicious that I passed them all and then you say some of them were hard – were they all actually really easy and you guys are just stroking all our egos? 😂

  17. Daniel Soliero says:

    If you’re actually intelligent, you will realize that the “tests” chosen for this video were purposefully made so that most people would get them right, which results in a higher like rating for the video.

  18. Minty Bliss says:

    Honestly how could you get the musical intelligence one wrong? Like I don’t know how you could even mistake that.

    • WhiteZe says:

      shrimpdude I like how you truly believe I am tone deaf now.

    • Артём Леонов says:

      dude, just think about it.
      if you are really tone deaf (or any sort of musical deafness) – YOU CANT TELL THAT YOU ARE ONE, just because u are one! think about it, really.
      the thing is – a guy with regural tone sence COULD say that 3rd one is normal IF he wouldnt listen to any other examples. BUT if you have to choose between these 3 examples – there is NO way you can make a mistake if you have common tone sence.
      (sorry, Eng is not my native)
      (and this is not me trying to insult you)

    • Benjamin Guo says:

      I got it correct, but I wasn’t 100% sure. I doubted myself.

    • CryptoDeaf says:

      “Honestly how could you get the musical intelligence one wrong?” Want to take one huge guess as to how that can actually be gotten wrong? I’ll give you a minute.

    • Irish Soul says:

      As a semi musician, I felt like I couldn’t decide which felt “wrong” because with proper chords anything can sound “right.” It also depends on what the music is trying to do. At first I thought 1 was it and then I decided on 3, but I can understand confusion people may have had

  19. the lumination says:

    Passed all these tests, Alhamdulillah 🙂

  20. Jordan Ugo says:

    who else only failed in the emotional intelligence part?

    • CryptoDeaf says:

      I think everyone that’s not a bleeding heart pansy failed the emotional one. I saw it and thought “I don’t give a damn” right off the bat. I failed the music one too for obvious reasons.

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