How Sony bought Bungie

How Sony bought Bungie

Bungie is now a playstation developer, and crash bandicoot is an xbox owned character. What kind of world do we live in now? lol
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44 Responses

  1. Etheric Typhon says:

    I love how that’s basically how it goes with them now. 2021 we had to fear a virus, now 2022 we have game companies buying out damn.

  2. Wesley Bradshaw says:

    I love how Microsoft at the end was like” hey Nintendo still don’t want to be bought out?” I was dying😂

  3. Itachidrip says:

    As much as I love bungie Sony buying them out of all companies is nothing compared to what Microsoft have bought

    • mads vigan says:

      Bungie have destiny.

      Thats it really.

      Microsoft got halo, minecraft, Diablo, star craft, wow, overwatch, and war zone

    • Itachidrip says:

      @Dario Mladenovski true

    • X Sad says:

      @Get Stuffed here’s the thing if you buy a company and make it to where 1/3 or 1/4 of the sales get cut then your just shooting yourself in the foot and while it may drive up console sales Idk I just feel like it’ll hurt them over a few extra ps5s

    • Noah S says:

      @HeyIamGC Sony is starting to change their whole stance on multi-platform once Microsoft started swinging around their fat checkbook. Sony have been notorious for exclusivity for years now and are scared now

    • Dario Mladenovski says:

      @Get Stuffed Sony will start releasing games on PC in shorter intervals now they won’t wait 4 years like with God od War, they’ve seen how good their games sell on PC now and they realized they are living money on the table, it makes no sense to lock them for years when a lot of PC gamers look down on consoles and they wont buy one no matter what

  4. Thesky says:

    Also the fact that Bungie stated that they’re an “independent developer” and refuse to make exclusive content for Sony.

    • Nightlord14 says:

      @Dario Mladenovski as a Destiny player I can only hope there’s some trickle down benefits for the players….buuuuut there probably won’t be

    • Dario Mladenovski says:

      @A very gay lizard yeah I get that but 3.6 billion for Destiny , Sony got ripped off big time and Bungie stays multi platform

    • A very gay lizard says:

      @Dario Mladenovski Sony is getting a cut of the destiny 2 profits, and they’ll be helping expand the Destiny universe to other mediums (Think destiny shows or movies, or something)

    • Deagle760 says:

      @Dario Mladenovski it hasn’t even been a week. We’ll have to see how it turns out in 3 years. Same with Microsoft and activision.

    • Dario Mladenovski says:

      this has to be the worst deal in history of gaming, Bungie gets all the benefits and Sony gets nothing

  5. Dr. Roxas says:

    Fun Fact: Microsoft did try to buy Nintendo and the revs of Nintendo just laughed at them and said no

  6. pitifulScientist says:

    I just realized that 10 years ago was only 2012.
    Damn we’re old.

  7. Ninja Cat says:

    We need Sony and Microsoft to team up

  8. TallGirlo says:

    People underestimate destiny’s current popularity and not with Sony, destiny could be going in a very good place

    • Aiden Dips says:

      @seths 1 I wasn’t always ftp. Destiny two only offered that after two years into the games life cycle. You took the “you have to pay to the game at face value”. At any point from d1 all the way to d2 you needed the latest dlc to compete. Each and everyone is lackluster except taken king, beyond light (season of arrivals), and forsaken. The game has an excellent story written in cards and books and not in the game. Destiny never going to make a comeback nor is it now. That’s why Bungie is up and abandoning it for a title similar to destiny and halo.

    • Halo916 says:

      @Aiden Dips it’s FTP, the content is majorly DLC, but you can’t make money on a FTP game with only Cosmetic purchases (Epic has Unreal Engine, Fortnite doesn’t count) especially if it is your only IP. The game is buggy (*Cough Telesto *Cough) but not unbalanced. You just need time to spend.

    • Dragolth says:

      Yeah you need to pay to play a game (isn’t that obvious 🙄) but, do you think it’s easy to make such a big game with no money ? It’s been a while since they leave Activision. Now, with Sony, they’ll be able to do more things. Destiny as a franchise is going somewhere. If I remember well, they said that Destiny will not be only a game anymore, they will do more things with the lore for example… Anyways, my opinion may be biased since I played this franchise for a while so yeah X) ( also sorry for my bad english, I’m not bilingual )

    • Kraede says:

      “Destiny could be going in a very good place”…

      I mean, they could. But they have had nearly a decade to go “somewhere”. The game has been popular, yes, but it has not rivalled nor competed with other, similar games particularly well. They’ve had the opportunity to make it bigger and unfortunately it hasn’t panned out that way. I don’t believe Destiny will become much bigger. The only people whom will appreciate it for what it is are those already playing it and the few that become interested later.

      Destiny isn’t over, but the ship they wanted to sail on left ages ago. No more flagships so to speak.

    • seths 1 says:

      @Aiden Dips it’s ftp -.-
      You don’t have to pay, other games that aren’t ftp also have DLC’s soooooo . . .

  9. JsJ 360 says:

    Fun fact microsoft offered to buy Nintendo and the executives just laughed

  10. Deathtrooper 900 says:

    This was a long time coming to be fair, after the destiny 2 hardware scandal we knew bungie was in Sony’s pocket.

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