How Southern socialites rewrote Civil War history

How Southern socialites rewrote Civil War history

The United Daughters of the Confederacy altered the South’s memory of the Civil War.

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The United Daughters of the Confederacy was a significant leader of the “Lost Cause,” an intellectual movement that revised history to look more favorably on the South after the American Civil War. They were women from elite antebellum families that used their social and political clout to fundraise and pressure local governments to erect monuments that memorialized Confederate heroes. They also formed textbook review committees that monitored what Southern schoolchildren learned about the war. Their influential work with children created a lasting memory of the Confederate cause, and those generations grew up to be the segregationists of the Jim Crow Era in the South.

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21 Responses

  1. Hunter Oka says:

    Kentucky’s not a confederate state!

  2. Great Sniff says:

    Imagine living in the deep South of Georgia in the 30s as a child, pretty hard ass times

  3. ahafsajdfnsks says:

    Look Im gonna be blunt here… but as a Historian, EVERY NATION “rewrites” or emphasises different things in history… American exceptionalists and romanticists pretty much rewrote all of their justifications for independence… If America is always so quick to judge the South rising up due to wanting to keep slavery.. just look at the fact the USA used that as one of their main justifications for parting with Great Britain who had just outlawed slavery on British shores in the Somerset case 1772… Many landowners were fearful of this being passed in the colonies too… thus AMERICA IS FOUNDED ON SLAVERY ZOMMGGG…literally nazis!!! Literally very few historians will ever choose to show every detail of a specific area of history: as its impossible… thus you will never get the full picture.. obviously too many historians will ignore or manipulate facts to push an agenda … Im sorry but this is a fact of life. In this case Union historians probably over-exagerrated Southern slavery in some cases to make their case look more justified in the same way Southern historians under-exagerrated slavery in order to make their cause look more justified… humans suck and are NOT reliable…

  4. BDavinci06 says:

    They’re the same people that tell Black people to “move on” from slavery. Yet they remember slave owners who “kindly” treated their slaves. Such great whitewashing of history.

  5. andygumpjr says:

    95k views and trending?! Nice to see Vox putting that $300 million to good use.

  6. Skillet Water says:

    15% of free African Americans in the south owned slaves

  7. Betternet says:

    What they did wasn’t right but disrespecting the people that fought for their families because they had no other choice is not right. They have to be respected too.

  8. Recklessplayez says:

    I live in Florida and I’ve never read anything in a text book glorifying slavery

  9. Ayoub EL GHOULTI says:

    Yep and America is the greatest country they said
    even african dictators dont do that

  10. Dead Toy says:

    sounds like what the old communist china/north korea would do. sounds like brainwashing.

  11. James Thomas says:

    That explains a lot

  12. Southron Jr says:

    WOW, the blatant BS in this was truly astounding. Who exactly is trying to rewrite history here? To say the war was fought only very slavery is like saying World War 2 was fought only because Japan invaded China. Please, actually look up history and stop trying to rewrite it and shove it down the uninformed masses throats.

  13. Karelly Sanchez says:

    This is actually very useful information. Definitely explains why some people are so passionate, I always thought they were denying the truth when really it’s as if they have never been aware of it. Although it is kind of closeminded that even with access to the internet & all kinds of information people still cannot open their eyes.

  14. Aidan Aubrey says:

    The UDC is a group that sought to maintain a separation within the US, and we are still seeing the effects of it today. Doesn’t get more anti-american than that.

  15. The Rusting Mind says:

    History is different depending on ones participation or perception of the event. Each side of an event has a different story, both could be true and told from a different perspective. Sorry I am not going to use VOX as a source for history facts.

  16. lee marlin says:

    Good job ladies. Our present-day political action groups could learn something from you.

  17. Hammer Click says:

    Dont forget VOX, Bill Clinton not only raised the Confederate flag above the state of Arkansas but communicated with the UDC while in the White House…must be a Rhoades Scholar, momma married a Klans-man thing. The UDC’s most famous patron would later put blacks into prison at an alarming rate. Not to mention the UDC was an organizing member of Planned Parenthood.

  18. Manny Sabir says:

    Publishing company got caught rewriting history books in schools in Texas when it came to slavery.

  19. Matt Kaplan says:

    Absolutely disgusting. You should be ashamed. Your highlighting job at 3:44 is horrendous

  20. b man says:

    Just another racist trying to fool you so you don’t come after them

  21. Jknbt says:

    The other side of the story is behind this…have you ever even heard of it? Probably not, since the winners always write the history books. Try this on for size:

    * There is nothing in the constitution that prevents a state leaving. it is a right reserved to the states. Show me the article or amendment that says a state can’t leave.
    * Lincoln declared an illegal war on the south to force them back into the union. the moralizing excuse was to free the slaves. only the super-rich 1% of the southern elites owned a large number of slaves. Most southern whites were as poor as slaves themselves.
    * All of the northern states except PA had laws on the books allowing holding slaves. NY had legal slavery until 1845. The abolitionists got these laws overturned. They would have eventually got the slave laws in the south overturned without a brutal, bloody war. These people got a half million people killed for their cause.
    * Black southern freedmen and slaves trying to earn freedom carried arms and fought for the south.
    * The majority of the states, 6 out of 11, left because of the state’s rights issue, not because of the slavery issue. They did not want the rich merchants of the north dictating to the sovereign states their laws. The republic had a limited federal system. The growth of the federal government to the giant octopus ogre that it is now started with Lincoln and the civil war. Roosevelt, Johnson, and most of the presidents since Reagan have aggressively campaigned for more and more federal government with correspondingly higher taxes. The country will never get out of the debt it has taken on to fund the growth of the federal government.
    * The cause of the war was ultimately economic, as with all wars. The northerners did not care about the poor slaves until the southern merchants and manufacturers started shipping directly out of Savannah and Charleston to London. Until the late 1850’s, southern merchants sent overseas shipments through New York harbor and Boston harbor. When northern merchants started to lose this income, the business, manufacturing, and merchant sector joined the abolitionists to crush the competition. This was the ultimate reason for the war.
    * If you don’t believe that statement, follow the money. Business boomed in the north as suppliers built whole fortunes providing equipment and arms to the northern armies. War is good business, as long as your factories and homes are not getting destroyed.
    * Again, follow the money…Lincoln paid for the war with greenback paper money, which had no basis. This issue of money was still in use until recent times. Have you ever noticed a red triangle on the back of a dollar bill? That was the issue of money that Lincoln printed out of thin air. The Fed has taken out of circulation all those bills, but their derivative issues are still in use.
    * Again, follow the money…Lincoln’s baseless paper money was the beginning of the Federal Reserve system. The US Federal Reserve is the biggest criminal counterfeiter that has ever existed.

    I think it is downright heroic that people would fight against the oppression of the federal government with its confiscatory taxes, baseless money, endless deficit spending, and overwhelming laws that rob states of their rights. Do you know that there are laws on the books that Bush jr. helped invent that allow the Homeland Security goons to break into your house in the middle of the night, haul you away without any charges, and hold you indefinitely in a secret prison in northern Utah for the rest of your life without telling your relatives where you are being held? Yep, the 9-11 attack changed many things.

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