How Spider-Man Far From Home Should Have Ended

How Spider-Man Far From Home Should Have Ended

How Spider-Man Far From Home Should Have Ended

We let the awesome folks who attended our SDCC panel this year put their ideas for a FFH HISHE in a box. We then took those ideas home and made you this episode. Thank you so much to everyone who participated. We really enjoyed getting to work on this one.

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68 Responses

  1. Lexi Channel says:

    “Because everyone finds me most attractive.”

    me: *looks at Loki*

  2. Monai -.- says:

    Wow Professor Stephen Hawking help protect Spider-Man true identity

  3. azgoodaz says:

    Would have been hilarious if you had a Sony rep come into a scene and kidnap Spider-Man.

  4. Tea Burn says:

    For a super-advanced artificial intelligence like EDITCH….ain’t all that smart in the movie. I miss Suit Lady Karen.

  5. Kansas Viking says:

    “Everyone shut up! Im preparing for my return.” I DIED!! Hilarious

  6. SPARTAN 2212 says:

    Normally I don’t agree with hishe logic, but mysterio being identified by the glasses and Peter using them to disrupt the JJ Jameson news Broadcast made to much sense

  7. ToxicCupcakes says:

    “Everybody finds me the most attractive.”
    General Zod speaking in the backround: “Yeah, what about killmonger. I mean me.”

  8. StarStruck140 :D says:

    “Hey do you have super strength? ‘Cause I do!”
    ~Spiderman 2019

  9. Mattomic says:

    Homecoming HISHE: “I’m finally home. Now I’ll never be replaced”
    Exactly 1 Spider-Man HISHE later: god damn it

  10. xEvilPenguin7x says:

    Mysterio exposed Peter so hard he left the MCU.

  11. Benjamin Ciccotosto says:

    5:46 this scene ALONE would have saved the whole movie!

    J J Jameson: you are all FIRED!

  12. READ Comics says:

    That ending with batman and superman being skrulls and the real them being with nick fury in space was perfect!

  13. Gojirame Fan says:

    Yes, it should have ended that way. Then this Disney/ Sony B.S. wouldn’t have screwed up MCU Spider-Man!

  14. Moin Kallo says:

    When batman said… Because im an adault! I was jus like: Hay… Wait a minutt Who is this imposter

  15. MyName is Jeff says:

    When Hulk snapped his fingers, he must’ve thought about everyone coming back safely, so those who died on a plane must’ve have come back anywhere safe

    • HenryRichard says:

      I’d imagine that people didn’t return to the exact place they were before – otherwise they wouldn’t have appeared on Earth (or whatever other planet they were on) but somewhere where Earth used to be. As such they probably appeared inside the plane or boat (etc) they were in before.

    • Sean Wheeler says:

      But we saw a pep rally collide with a basketball game in the movie. Even if everyone in vehicles respawned safely at their destination, pedestrians crossing the street could still be in danger.

    • Swaggasaurus says:

      And what about the people inadvertently killed by the snap? Like that helicopter at the end of Infinity War surely killed several people in that skyscraper. I kind of wish there was a movie (other than FFH) reserved to fill in the Snap’s effects and the long-lasting damage it caused.

    • Bramble says:

      Yeah, I believed it was confirmed that Hulk did his absolute best to bring everyone who got blipped back into safe locations outside of mortal danger. If they just spawned back exactly where they were originally, then half the population of the entire universe would be adrift in space, knowing how space physics work.

    • Cunning Smile says:

      @Bramble no they were returned to the location they died. The reason is if they were in vehicles, they would pop up in them

  16. 1717Dave says:

    Joker: I wish I could quit you.
    Mysterio: Hey, aren’t you the clown who blew up my sister in a warehouse?
    Joker: uhhhhhhh……….

  17. bradwolf07 says:

    The Joker telling Mysterio “I wish I could quit you” made my day…haha, perfect episode

  18. Nick August says:

    You know the glasses are a real plot hole in this movie. I’m pretty sure it could detect external devices in the area especially armed drones and notify of the danger.

  19. Spider-Man says:

    2017: Spider-Man Homecoming
    2019: Spider-Man Far from home
    2021: Spider-Man Far from the Mcu

  20. dragonstormx says:

    The only way this could have been better is everyone actually did believe that Jameson was Spider Man.

    • Farquaad Castle says:

      There is a video/deleted scene of Jameson with Spiderman costume ?

    • Me, a black racist says:

      It’s a shame they didn’t play that in this clip, would’ve been hilarious.

      Would’ve been perfect. I did however imagine JJ Jameson jumping on the table in spidey pose with a cigar?

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