How Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith Should Have Ended

How Star Wars Revenge Of The Sith Should Have Ended

How Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Should Have Ended!

The dark side of youtube is a pathway to many comment sections some would consider to be… unnatural.

Episode 3 is finally here and our journey to the Star Wars HISHE saga is complete… until Force Awakens and so on and so on.

Thank you so much for watching! This was a very fun episode to work on and has maximized our anticipation for the Force Awakens. May the force be with you all, and we will see you next time!

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20 Responses

  1. Proy says:

    Its over darth sidious we have the high ground
    Sidious:No no
    (Jedi cut sidious up after him he jumps)

  2. hearul Irfan robani says:

    starwars force awaken ending….Kylo Ren is….

  3. Yakub121993 says:


  4. le tien dung says:

    Lave Ground !!!!

  5. Javier Gonzalez Damas says:

    Am I the only one who want this happen every time watching the film?

  6. Detective Giraffe says:

    nice one hishe

  7. maxcardun says:

    Now I wanna see Jedi Knight Wicket against Sith Lord Jar Jar Binks

  8. Alucard BloodyVampire says:

    This cancels the original trilogy but the ending with skywalker family was
    so nice

  9. morgan megurine says:


  10. benjamin holmstrand says:

    why diden’t obi force push ani off the platform one that lava planet

  11. Winston931oe says:

    That really is how it really should have ended.

  12. Brendogthewizkid :D says:


  13. Sharo Sri says:

    Why don’t HISHE release an *ACTUAL MOVIE* with an *AWESOME ENDING* ?!?!?!

  14. Jeromme Clifford says:

    would be funny if jar jar where the dark lord

  15. Danilo DeVries says:

    Ha!!! Loved this…

  16. OrangeBlox Salam says:

    this would make real sence…

  17. Matthew Blairrains says:

    I like all the references Including the one about Jar Jar being a Sith lord
    Also his name is supposed to be Darth Plagues

  18. Mikey House says:

    lol you have the lava ground

  19. Herman Vincent says:

    hi, what’s upa you deserve a mug. scattered abusive % !!

  20. splunkman18 18 says:

    I like that ended then not the lava grind