How Star Wars Rogue One Should Have Ended

How Star Wars Rogue One Should Have Ended

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How Rogue One Should Have Ended. The highly anticipated Star Wars story gets multiple new endings.

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20 Responses

  1. Nathan Hogan says:

    Why are people so pissed they died? that was the best part of the film!

  2. Max Madmax says:

    It had cool ideas, and very dumb ones…

  3. Johnny Fiction says:

    This would have been about 10,000 times better than that mess of a fan film.

  4. Ryan Fox says:

    December 2016: everybody talking on how awesome Rogue One was.
    Now: a lot of hate saying that the movie sucked.

    That makes sense

  5. Silenteric says:

    Humorous, but there are reasons for pretty much all that stuff. That movie was very well put together, and had no plot holes at all. Perfect movie.

  6. Robert Harmon says:

    so when did everyone start hating this movie?
    when it came out every One was like “best movie since empire” now everyone hates it.

  7. Derpypiggies 87 says:

    …. And then they became the Knights of Ren…..

  8. Adreyan Sarzosa says:

    I didn’t get why Tarkin had to destroy the base. why not just destroy it the satellite so it doesn’t transmit the codes?

  9. GeneralKenobi75 says:

    I wish they covered what I considered the biggest plot hole in the movie. Why did Tarkin choose to blow up an entire Imperial base along with it’s personal, probably draining the Empire of thousands of credits(if they have any left after building the Death Star) instead of just sending Darth Vader down with reinforcements to mop up after the shield was shut down? Is it just another excuse to have a big explosion? Because the movie already has enough of those.

  10. Potato Patato says:

    *Watches face-melting awesomeness that is Darth Vader rekking a bunch of nameless rebels*
    *watches episode four, in which a couple of old guys poke at each other with laser sticks*
    Oh. Oh right. Huh.

  11. Christian Mancino says:

    Is it really pronounced “hizh-ee”? I’ve been saying “heesh” for years.

  12. Damian Charleston says:

    one scene doesn’t make sense. hishe claims Galen Erson couldve given the plans to Bodhi to give to The rebels. But the plans were on scarif, not galens facility on Eadu

  13. Chasm65 says:

    Personally, I like the fact that they all got killed fighting. In the past, the heroes all barely escape and live to fight another day. Rogue One was a nice change of pace, showing that Rebels do die and that Stormtroopers can hit things. Plus, we do’nt see them in the other movies anyway, so it’s either they die fighting or become Vader fodder. But that’s just me

  14. treiz says:

    wow, better than that crappy movie.  How can Hollywood not get this…

  15. GameSupport says:

    You can hear the music when Vader exclaims he’s a father trying to creep in during his conversation with the director XD

  16. littlebigmarc says:

    That bane reference was perfectly placed.

  17. Ben Johns says:

    Now That Would Have Been Nice If The Rebels Lived Until The Very End Instead Of Getting Killed.

  18. Godzillamir says:

    Do how Shin Godzilla should have ended!

  19. Juan Benitez says:

    3:05 “What do you mean, why would you say that?”

    oh no.

  20. Doggy Drawing says:

    I’m just going to say, I didn’t like this Movie at all. Too Basic, and it was sort of Repetitive.

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