How Suicide Squad Should Have Ended

How Suicide Squad Should Have Ended

How Suicide Squad Should Have Ended


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Special Thanks to our amazing Guest Voices!
Anna Brisbin – Harley Quinn
Akeem Lawasnson – Deadshot

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20 Responses

  1. King of Wakanda says:

    It shoulda ended as a good movie.

  2. Major Shirow says:

    Looks like Batman found a Gym. *(Cue Bat-growl)* “Gotta catch ’em all…”

  3. Qliphothian says:

    The awkward moment when Superman and Batman have killed more people than
    the Suicide Squad.

  4. Ocelot4R says:

    “Come back when you’ve done something evil” Looool

  5. Harrison Dansie says:


  6. magatetus says:

    They ruined the villains by making them anti heroes.

  7. Kiuraz says:

    When a 6 minute video manages to create a better Joker&Harley relationship
    than a 2 hour movie

  8. Captain2003 Rex says:

    “If Superman flew into the White House and kidnapped the President, who
    would stop him?”
    Me: “Either Batman or the Flash.”
    “What if instead of Superman, it was the Flash?”
    Me: “Well, in that case, nobody would be able to stop him.”

  9. LEO UR says:

    Please tell me somebody is making Batman go!

  10. iHackPlsBan - Kaas says:

    Ppl saying BvS is bad and sc is bad too.. lemme say something.

    I liked both of them.

  11. Land967 says:

    Is this the first time Batman has appeared and doesn’t have a “Because i’m
    Batman!!!” gag in?? :O

  12. Shredding Stuff says:

    Joker had more scenes here than in Suicide Squad

  13. TheMSupreme says:

    Tell me I’m not the only one hyped for Batman taking on the whole Villain

  14. the SKINNY GUY says:

    batman is gonna fuck them up ….cuz he’s batman

  15. Yim Namati says:

    You should make a batman go game Hishe


    DO IT PLZ!!!

  16. Brizzy Voices says:

    k but really can we see katana’s sword consume someone’s soul pls.

    (ps. thanks for letting me play my girl <3)

  17. Ethan P says:

    Here’s the final scene:
    Superman: So wait. You’re telling me they have a pub?
    Batman: Yup.
    Superman: Where they all just sit down, hang out, and get a drink?
    Batman: Sound familiar?
    Superman: And we haven’t heard about it at all this whole time?
    Batman: Pretty much.
    Superman: Wow. I can’t believe we’ve never seen this. Especially me with my
    flight, super speed, super hearing and x-ray vision…I mean, how did you
    find this place before me?

  18. Ratchet Noobler says:

    The ending got me like “oooohhhhhh the villains are gonna get wrecked!” ?

  19. I'm Batman says:

    I should’ve been in the movie for longer

  20. ItzRedX says:

    How the final scene should have ended:
    Batman: Well well well… What do we have here… A pokestop?