How Tabasco Sauce Is Made

How Tabasco Sauce Is Made

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19 Responses

  1. 6od says:

    Y’all don’t even know about Secret Aardvark Habanero hot sauce. 10,000
    times tastier than this pleb sauce.

  2. BeetlePimp Brotha says:

    This shit gives me heartburn for a week, no joke.

  3. Honest Asian Guy says:

    Tabasco is great, that louisiana hot sauce is too bitter, Sriracha is
    decent but predictable and kind of pasty….the best “hot sauce” I’ve ever
    had were those from Nando’s Chicken.

  4. Will Nuno says:

    wao, that wuz kool

  5. Raybeze says:

    Uhh, how do I get that taste testing job? :P

  6. Ben Schram says:

    That’s a lot of work for a tiny bottle

  7. Geralt of Rivia says:

    and here i am watching this video hours before my exam

  8. bambarby says:

    They should hire midgets to harvest peppers since the plants are so short

  9. Holden Head says:

    this is so fucking staged its stupid as fuck

  10. Holden Head says:

    im sure the workers pull their stick out everytime for that perfect red

  11. TakeThatRage119 says:

    I thought this would be one of those conspiracy videos when I clicked on
    it. Glad to know it isn’t made from the Devil’s sweat. lol

  12. elevengiant says:

    plastic can breathe, lol

  13. 22tus says:

    Tabasco sucks

  14. Nick John says:

    Tabasco hot? I already tasted other hotter chili sauce.

  15. Seth West says:

    how are you? wtw! brother miscreant % !!!

  16. Bryan Cavalheiro says:

    Use glass bottle to prevent oxygen interaction….uses plastic cap?

  17. P. Rourke says:

    Wait so, at what point do they sanitize the sauce?

  18. Bryan Nava says:

    why is this in the popular section..I thought this said tabacoo sause which
    sounded unhealthy asf

  19. Casey Callies says: