How The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Should Have Ended – Part One

How The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Should Have Ended – Part One

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How Avengers: Age of Ultron Should Have Ended – Part One!

That’s right, Part One! Because we wrote too much material for this one, we decided to make multiple shorts rather than chop down and cram what we enjoyed into short 15 second bits. Avengers seemed fitting to try it out. Part 2 and Maaaaybe 3 will follow as they are completed.

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20 Responses

  1. Paul Werner says:

    gonna check this out later

  2. OPwither Gamer says:

    Can you do a clash of the Titans hishe?

  3. VidSheridan says:

    “I had strings but now I don’t” Mmmmmm that’s good lawsuit dodging!

  4. Arturo Aldana says:

    Superman “HOW IN THE WORLD…..? nevermind” *goes off to reverse time*

    Admit it, you said “Because HE’S BATMAN” before the character did it LOL

  5. Title says:

    Ultron = skynet

  6. clint barton says:

    You did it again HISHE!!!!!! It’s fabulous!!

  7. Tesselated Heart says:

    This was sooooo great!!! Hahaha

  8. The Ultron says:

    Best ending ever

  9. Jason Franklin says:

    Part One of our Avengers 2 HISHE is here!

  10. Major the Monster says:

    Lol. Was that superman rewinding time?

  11. Gibran Issa says:

    Because I’m Batman

  12. mustafa mustafaa says:

    ım waitin for this… after watch movie…. its fuckin awsome:)

  13. Matthew Trevett says:

    Finally!! Another good HISHE!

  14. MarbleThunder says:

    Heck of a Bat-Couch and Bat-Mug to survive that.

  15. 陈逸欣 says:


  16. Joshua Koen says:

    So wait WatchunderscoreUltrons is happening?

  17. Francis Zealley says:

    Now HISHE are doing everything in two parts?


  18. Mega Frost says:

    Poor Thor…he’s probably suffering from the most dramatic cliffhanger
    right about now. I would be just as mad, I mean, cmon.

    I found this absolutely hilarious. I mean, Ultron destroying the city by
    taking over the Internet is genius! And since we know he is able to mess
    with people’s money, I’m surprised he didn’t do that in the film…or at
    least try to, cause JARVIS would just kick his ass.

    And, guys, just drop it…BECAUSE HE’S BATMAN!!!!!!!!

  19. Gavin Reid (GBRGavin) says:

    Best hishe ever loved.

  20. Mike Rubio says:

    Because i’m… BATMAN!!!