How the BBC makes Planet Earth look like a Hollywood movie

How the BBC makes Planet Earth look like a Hollywood movie

The technology behind the cinematic style of the BBC’s Planet Earth II.

Check back next Monday for the next episode in this mini-series.

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Clips from BBC:
Iguana vs. snakes (Planet Earth II)
Attenborough & sloth (Life of Mammals)
Komodo dragon (Zoo Quest)
Attenborough & orangutans (Zoo Quest)
Indri (Zoo Quest)
Lion hunt (Wild Africa)
Kangaroo (Life of Mammals)
Herbivores (Life of Mammals)
Polar bear (Planet Earth)
Wolf hunt (Life of Mammals)
Wolf hunt (Planet Earth)

And many more on BBC’s mobile app: Sir David Attenborough’s Story of Life

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19 Responses

  1. E mily says:

    David Attenborough’s death will be the loss of a national treasure

  2. William Mcmeekin says:

    I can’t believe Americans still can’t pronounce Attenborough right

  3. DAVIDEOS says:

    There’s so much improvement between planet Earth and planet Earth II, wow

  4. Viral Links says:

    _David Attenborough is why I watched Planet Earth to be real._

  5. Kitty-Jay Jones says:

    David AttenBORROW
    Uh… NO

  6. Dr. Royal says:

    Wait what? So Americans watch Planet Earth too? LOL

  7. Curly j20 says:

    I’m not okay with how David Attenborough’s name was pronounced, I forgot American’s say those sort of names funny. Att-en-bruh not Att-en-boh-row. Att-en-burr-uh also works.

  8. Trump Truth Watch says:

    Planet Earth at times actually looks like CGI. It’s so realistic, it looks fake.

  9. Shoulders of Giants says:

    Earth *is* a Hollywood movie
    and it’s even better than that

  10. wilson lie says:

    Joss fong is the reason why i am still subscribe to vox

  11. Rogelio Bustos says:

    Just imagine how will Planet Earth 3 would look like

  12. master asdf says:

    VOX should stick to these kinds of vidiyas

  13. Teddy Tran says:

    I love joss fong

  14. Karl Mhlanga says:

    *changes to 1080p*
    *restarts video*

  15. Micoco45 says:

    i prefer this kind of videos over the politics videos

  16. Gleanix says:

    I would love to see what percentage of footage they actually use after a week long shoot.
    Nearly every shot we see in the final version is simply breathtaking.

  17. Shaun Dreclin says:

    funny how everyone in the comments is saying they don’t like politics… while bringing up politics in an unrelated non political video

  18. BBC Earth says:

    A fantastically insightful video Joss! We cannot wait for the next chapter.

  19. SlightlyCrusty says:

    I remember watching the Iguana being chased by the snakes for the first time and screaming at the TV for the entire thing.

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