How the Celtics Locker Room was after losing to the Warriors in the NBA Finals

How the Celtics Locker Room was after losing to the Warriors in the NBA Finals

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  1. RapisGames says:

    “Were we locking Steph up or was he missing” PURE FACTS

  2. s1eepyjozu says:

    “text em idk… or delete the text” 💀 kobe def told mark that in his dreams 🤣🤣🤣

  3. FLYNAVI says:

    Jaylen and Horford walk in then slam the door, “ alright that was everybody that was hoppin .” I’m done 🤣. Besides those two the Celtics were sour ass. RDC never fails.

    • Alex Rider says:

      @Psychotropni Lachtan I didn’t get to watch Game 1 nor Game 2. But that’s just what I heard. No need to be hostile

    • Psychotropni Lachtan says:

      @Alex RiderLmao. Game 4 was his only good game, but it was still far from being great. He shot 3/16 aka 17 % in game 1 😀 Around 36% in rest of the games which is terrible. Plus all them turnovers. Dont know what series were you watching.

    • vKeys says:


    • random guy says:

      rob williams

    • Alex Rider says:

      To me, it seemed like Tatum only had a bad performance in Game 6. Every previous game, he was great. (I’m a warriors fan btw)

  4. MarMax Gaming says:

    So exciting, love the current events. There’s always inspiration. It’s also really cool when you have so many “one-take” videos or segments. It’s all real time, no cuts (until the 2nd half). That’s real theatre 🎭 right there! Keep it up!

    • MarMax Gaming says:

      @RyanC232 dude, they have so many one-take segments and stretches. From 0:00 to 1:05 before the first cut, when they introduce the coach. That’s the proper way to call attention to an introduction, and the coach was his own act. Then they do cuts for a better exchange from the coach to the team. It’s an excellent mix and it’s absolutely insane how many minutes they’ve done without cuts.

    • RyanC232 says:

      There definitely was a cut. But ok

  5. Your Unknown Friend says:

    “Were we locking Steph up or was he missing” PURE FACTS

  6. ghetto Hokage says:

    “Man y’all know your wrong for making him guard steph his knees bad as hell we already know it”😂 I’m Cryin

  7. Christian Grant says:

    I love how everyone argued at each other as a team rather one person complaining like lebron. Since it was all team effort and not one player was carrying. Good attention to detail. Even the coach got a chance to speak

  8. Idk bro says:

    As a thunder fan, I’m proud of Al for balling out in the finals and the whole playoffs even though he barely played for my thunder

  9. Dillon Coleman says:

    As a Celtics fan this hurts and completely accurate. It is just nice to be good enough to be roasted, baby steps.

  10. Doofy Music 69 says:

    Bro they get on this shot quick. You know they friendship solid asf. It’s nice to see. I hope ya’ll keep being friends for as long as you guys roam the earth.

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